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Denmark is World’s Top Facebook User

April 13, 2009 Janne 0

Over 1.8 million of Denmark’s 5.5 million people have an account on Facebook. This means that 34 percent of the country’s total population is engaged in social networking on the site. Denmark is world leading with that number – Canada comes next with 33 percent. […]

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Zealand’s Museum is Tops

April 12, 2009 Janne 0

A museum is a valuable institution in any country. It is here where local residents and foreign visitors get to learn about a city or country’s history and cultural heritage. Traveling to a new place and not visiting its museum would not make your tour complete. […]

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Denmark Committed To Going Green

April 11, 2009 Janne 0

Denmark is said to be among the countries in the world that consume a huge amount of energy. It is estimated that every Dane contributes five tons of carbon dioxide into the air every year. But this is being changed, of course, through the efforts of Denmark’s new prime minister. […]

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Copenhagen School Attracts Record Enrollees

April 10, 2009 Janne 0

Denmark is known for its high quality education. This fact has reverberated around the world and has attracted a high number of foreigners to study in the country. Specifically,  Copenhagen is famous for being home to educational institutions. The city is renowned for its unique theoretical approach that schools adopting this system are referred to as the Copenhagen School. […]

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Copenhagen is Home to Michelin Restaurants

April 9, 2009 Janne 0

If you happen to be in Copenhagen and would like to try scrumptious local and international cuisine, then you’re in luck. This Danish city boasts of several fine dining restaurants that are in the Michelin Guide Main Cities of Europe for 2009. There are now 13 restaurants in Copenhagen with a total of 14 Michelin stars edging out cities such as Rome, Vienna, Madrid and Berlin. […]

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Denmark is Best Country Ideal for Business

April 8, 2009 Janne 0

Business is flourishing in Denmark amid the global financial crisis. No wonder why the country has topped an international survey for two straight years. If you have noticed, there’s really no stopping this country from moving forward. […]

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Scandinavian Art Galleries Join Tokyo Exhibit

April 7, 2009 Janne 0

It’s heartwarming to know that art works of different countries are becoming global nowadays. Not only is the art of one country confined to its local region but it’s getting international exposure through active participation in art fairs.
The biggest art exhibition in Japan welcomed the participation of art galleries from the Scandinavian region for the very first time. The Tokyo Art Fair which ran from April 3-5, 2009 also provided a special space for young artists. […]

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Danish Businessman Behind Popular Thai Hotel

April 6, 2009 Janne 0

Bangkok is one top tourist destination in Asia and is home to many world-class hotels. There’s one luxury hotel there that, unknown to many of you, was rebuilt by a Danish businessman named Hans Niels Andersen.
The Oriental, Bangkok had a long history that dates back to 1881. During that year, Andersen who was then only 29 years old already had a vision of putting up a modest lodging place with a bar and western menu for all types of travelers visiting Thailand. He was on a seamen’s mission at that time. […]

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Denmark Reduces Interest Rate

April 5, 2009 Janne 0

Major financial institutions worldwide are responding to the global financial crisis by cutting interest rates. This is seen as a good move by many people who believe that governments should find ways to help people cope up with the economic downturn. […]

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Nordic Diet Found To Be A Healthier Choice

April 5, 2009 denmark 0

In the past 20 years, the Mediterranean diet has been a top choice among body conscious people. But while this diet may have benefitted a lot of people, scientists have found a new and healthier diet. The Nordic diet is the latest eating plan that could surpass the benefits provided by the famous Mediterranean diet that uses olive oil, vegetables, unrefined cereals, fish, nuts and citrus fruit. […]

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