Double Decker Bus Tours

December 22, 2011 olaf 0

Enjoy Copenhagen in an open double decker bus and enjoy the city center with a bird’s eye view. Throughout the tour you can have a glimpse of the Amalenborg Palace, Royal Library, Botanical Gardens, Gefion Fountain and the city’s famous turrets and swirling towers. Take advantage of the extra tours in Carlsberg and Christiana between the months of May and September if you purchase an All Loops Ticket.  


Dana Cup

December 20, 2011 denmark 0

Dana Cup, the International Youth Soccer United in Denmark, has a wide range of events for all participants.  With beach soccer, table soccer, sumo wrestling, and bungee basket, there is something for everyone.  The Dana Cup also has concerts during the week.  The Dana Cup makes use of 50 grassed soccer fields of the highest caliber in order to ensure that the t […]


Relocation Scandinavia

December 18, 2011 denmark 0

Relocation Scandinavia offers relocation services that go above and beyond the usual.  When companies send their employees to work overseas in Denmark, the best way to ensure that these employees are successful is to ensure that they are happy and welcome them into the Danish community.  Relocation Scandinavia has a two-step relocation support service.  The first of these is to ensur […]


Vinayagar Temple

December 15, 2011 denmark 0

Vinayagar is a Hindu Temple located in Herninig, Denmark that offers a variety of services for those of the Hindu faith.  Pooja is offered on a daily basis and on special days and days with Pooja in the morning Abishekam is also offered.  […]


Dine with the Danes

December 13, 2011 denmark 1

One of the best ways to experience a new country is to meet the people and get involved with the local culture and Dine with the Danes offers just such an experience for those who visit Denmark.  […]


Tour Copenhagen on the Run

December 11, 2011 denmark 0

Running Tours Copenhagen is a fantastic way for active travelers to see the sights of Copenhagen and get their daily run in while on vacation.  Anyone can join in, whether they are fast or slow runners, whether they want to run long or short distances.  There are a number of ideal routes from which to choose so it will be easy for any runner to find the perfect one to suit their needs. […]


Tango y Vinos

December 7, 2011 denmark 1

Tango y Vinos is a fabulous wine bar that features the flavors of the very best Argentinian wines, wines that cannot be found anywhere else in Denmark.  Each and every wine served at Tango y Vinos has been personally selected by the owners to ensure the best. […]


Bonbon Land

December 2, 2011 olaf 0

BonBon Land is an amusement park located in Holme Olstrup around 100 kilometers from Copenhagen. The amusement park was named after the candy manufacturer Bon Bon that produced candies with funny and unusual names such as ‘mågeklatter’, ‘hundeprutter’ and ’tissebleer’. […]

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