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One of Copenhagen’s finest art museums, the Ordrupgaard is located near Dyrehaven Park. When it was built in 1918, it was designed as a stately country estate that will feature some of the best collections of 19th and 20th century Danish and French art that can be found in Northern Europe. It was founded by Willem and Henny Hansen but was left to the Danish State which now runs and oversees the estate. […]


Brede Works

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From 1832 to 1956, Brede Klaedefabrik was Denmark’s largest producer of textile materials. It was at the center of the Industrial Revolution in Denmark and the plant was not only an economic hub in the Lyngby area and the Mollaen, it was also a thriving community of workers and their families. Aside from the laborers’ homes were the country home of the plant owners, a park and a day nursery for the children. […]



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Also called the “Green Industrial City,” this small and ancient harbor town in West Zealand is said to be the world’s best blueprint of industrial symbiosis – where all businesses in the area collaborate and work actively towards successfully managing and sustaining the environment and all natural resources. The city government and the corporations have come to work together in using locally-available materials and using them for economically viable and sustainable projects. […]

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Christmas Towns in Denmark

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Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays in Denmark and almost every city and town has its own way of Yuletide merry-making. The capital city of Copenhagen of course leads with its Christmas Market in Tivoli, a highly-anticipated fair for both locals and visitors. But there are more activities happening all over the country that is also worth checking out. From Aalborg to Zealand, here are some of the ways by which the Danes celebrate Christmas and what visitors can expect from these places:

Aarhus. Christmas is everywhere in this old city in East Jutland and it starts early. […]


Spoken Word Festival 2012

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The Spoken Word Festival is a festival of culture and spoken word art that is ideal for all ages and will create wonder and change for those who participate and take in this exciting festival.  The goal of the festival is to maintain the oral tradition in the modern digital world.  […]


Eskebjerg Vesterlyng

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If a beachside holiday in the summer is your thing then set your sights to West Zealand for the best beaches and nature sites. In Eskebjerg Vesterlyng you’ll find an ideal summer destination for all ages. Situated near Havnso, it is a scenic child-friendly bathing beach, a nature reserve and the biggest coastal heathland and grazing area in all of Zealand. […]


Birkegaardens Haver

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Birkegaardens Haver is a tourist attraction that is ideal for the whole family, as well as for bus tours and special celebrations.  Set in a relaxed and beautiful environment located on Sealand, Birkegaardens Haver is a haven of nature, with the animal pen that has cute farm animals that kids will enjoy, nature’s playground, the Tumble farm indoor play area and pedal go-kart track, Børnegården (træbondegård for the youngest children with houses and wooden animals), courtyard playground, mini golf course and sever […]


North Sea Beach Marathon

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Summer in Denmark means a lot of good events are happening, and one of them is the highly-anticipated North Sea Beach Marathon. This annual running event takes place around late June or early July at the westcoast of Jutland.
What makes this marathon highly unique is that the entire 42.2 km race is done on sand – which is why those who have participated in it have referred to it as the “world’s hardest fitness test.” Running on sand is pretty challenging as the ground surface is not even and stable unlike concrete pavement or tarmac. […]

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If you want to know more about Denmark’s oldest town then head to the southwest area of Jutland in the Esbjerg municipality. Ribe is estimated to be in existence for over 1300 years with its foundation marked between 704 and 710 AD. The first Scandinavian church was built here in 860 AD by Ansgar and it was a major post for pilgrims who made their way to Rome. Because it was also surrounded by marshlands and close to the sea, it was an important trading port in the country. […]

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The Best Restaurant in the World

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Surely they must be doing something good over at Noma restaurant in Copenhagen for it has been named “The Best Restaurant in the World” by Restaurant magazine for three years in a row. Only eight years in existence, Noma (which is a combination of the Danish words “nordisk” and “mad” translated as “Nordic food”) has been getting rave reviews for its innovative and organic New Nordic Cuisine. […]

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