Viking Festivals in Denmark

June 28, 2012 olaf 0

The Viking Age in Denmark’s history is a glorious period that has greatly shaped the country’s culture. Much has been written about it and all around the country are preserved evidences of the sea-faring traditions of these people along with historic groups that continue to promote their legacies. Definitely a colorful and entertaining part of Denmark’s culture are the many local festivals that pay homage to the Viking way of living and their legendary exploits at sea. […]

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Days of Tordenskiold

June 27, 2012 olaf 0

Want to take part in a historical epic where men dueled with swords and sailed in great ships? Then head to Frederikshavn in North Jutland as the whole town commemorates the annual Naval Festival called “The Days of Tordenskiold – the year is 1717.” This year, the 3-day event takes place on June 22-24.

The festival is all about the Great Northern War in 1709-1720 and the heroic exploits of Danish naval officer Peter Wessel Tordenskiold while he was stationed in Frederikshavn. […]


Royal Copenhagen Porcelain

June 25, 2012 olaf 0

One of Denmark’s iconic products and perhaps one of its bestselling souvenirs is the exquisitely made porcelain by the Royal Copenhagen. Its trademark of three blue wavy lines above each other is recognized all over the world and products that bear this mark has come to be highly valued and sought after in auctions as collectible items. The Royal Copenhagen manufactory which began its operations in the 18th century from a converted post office building has been producing these fine hand-painted pieces of dinnerware for over 200 years. […]



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East Jutland is full of charming and picturesque towns that constantly draw the tourists in and Ebeltoft in Djursland is one of them. Close to Arhus and Odden, the quaint historical city of Ebeltoft prides itself on a number of interesting attractions that helped shift its focus from traditional trades of fishing and farming to tourism promotion. There are two main attractions that keep the visitors coming from far and wide. […]


Fano Island

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The Conde Nast Traveler magazine refers to it as “one of the European Continent’s secret offshore gems.” The island of Fano off the coast of South Jutland is a 16-kilometer stretch of diverse paradise – white sand beaches, heath and woods and the crystal blue waters of the Wadden Sea continue to attract visitors especially when summertime rolls around. […]


Get to Know Denmark’s Literary Greats

June 15, 2012 olaf 0

From the earliest forms of literature that were written on stones to international bestsellers today, Denmark has a long and proud tradition of producing creative and prolific writers. Here are some of the most well-known Danish authors and their literary works: Ludvig Holberg. Although born in Norway, Holberg spent most of his life in Denmark and there paved the way for modern Danish and Norwegian literature. A philosopher and a prolific writer, he penned numerous comedies and poetry that were performed in theaters as well as essays and novels on philosophy. Hans Christian Andersen. […]


Skanderborg Music Festival

June 11, 2012 olaf 0

“Denmark’s Most Beautiful Festival” is an event celebrating music and the beauty of the town of Skanderborg in East Jutland. The longest running outdoor music festival and the second largest event in the country, the Skanderborg Festival, or Smukfest takes place in a beech forest just outside the town. […]

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Copenhagen Airport

June 7, 2012 olaf 0

Denmark has several airports but the Copenhagen Airport (IATA: CPH-ICAO) is the biggest and the busiest in Scandinavia as well as one of the oldest in all of Europe. Located in the town of Kastrup, south of the capital city of Denmark, the airport serves as the hub for several major airlines such as Scandinavian Airlines, Norwegian Air Shuttles, Blue 1, Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia and Jettime among others. This international airport serves all flights to and from Copenhagen and Malmo in Sweden. […]