A Glimpse of the Middle Ages through Ærøskøbing

January 30, 2014 olaf 0

If there is one place in Denmark that can give you a glimpse of the Middle Ages, it will be Ærøskøbing. The houses and streets have been purposely restored to achieve such look and feel. The structures are mostly one story high with the oldest dating back to the year 1645. […]


Hotel D’Angleterre – Where the Most Romantic Suite in Denmark is Found

January 26, 2014 olaf 0

If you are searching for a romantic destination in Denmark, Hotel D’ Angleterre comes highly recommended as the hotel which has the most romantic suite in the country. The original hotel was built in 1755 but it was gutted by fire. The present structure is a result of extensive refurbishing and extension done from 1872 to 1875.  […]

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Literacy Rate in Denmark

January 22, 2014 olaf 0

Denmark has one of the most outstanding literacy rates in the world. The literacy rate is placed at 99% for both men and women. The Education Index shows Denmark in good company with the likes of Australia, New Zealand, and Finland. […]


Valentine’s Day in Denmark

January 20, 2014 olaf 0

The people of Denmark celebrate Valentine’s Day in a very traditional way. Cards, flowers, and love notes are the three main components of the celebration. There are however some ways that are uniquely Danish in practice.
Valentine’s Day celebrations started rather late in Denmark. The Danes apparently only warmed up to the idea sometime during the early 1990s. They fashioned it from the American custom but made modifications. Thus the Danish Valentine resulted which is celebrated with much fanfare and activity. […]


What do Danes Eat for Breakfast?

January 11, 2014 olaf 0

It is interesting to note that breakfast joints are not quite as common in Denmark like in the US. For those accustomed to having breakfast in a popular eating establishment, Denmark might just offer a refreshing variation. Danes are known to eat their breakfast at home and having the first meal of the day in a friend’s of relative’s house may be the closest  thing to eating out for breakfast. […]


Gender Equality: Not Taken Lightly in Denmark

January 3, 2014 olaf 0

Denmark holds an impressive record in the subject of gender equality. It does not take the issue lightly as evidenced by existing legislative acts that will ensure adherence to it. Gender equality is said to be one of the reasons why Denmark is the happiest country in the world. […]