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Island Hopping in Denmark

August 30, 2014 olaf 0

Island hopping in Denmark is quite fun especially since the country has at least 400 islands, give and take, depending on the prevailing physical conditions. New islands tend to form due to sedimentation while existing islands can also disappear due to natural occurrences such as repeated battering from windstorms. Some smaller islands have been absorbed by larger ones either due to natural or artificial causes. […]

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The Regions of Denmark

August 29, 2014 olaf 0

It is always good to know of any information related to a country which a traveler intends to visit. One of the most basic information is the physical division of countries. Denmark is divided into regions which are further subdivided in municipalities. […]


Odense Zoo: A Must-Visit in Denmark

August 24, 2014 olaf 0

It would be easy to ignore Odenze Zoo when making the itinerary for your visit to Denmark. Being often described as as medium-sized zoo, other zoos may prove more attractive at first glance. However, Odenzo Zoo has many times been called the best zoo in Europe and there is good reason why this is so. […]

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Daily Life

Composition of Danish Demographics

August 23, 2014 olaf 0

It is always interesting to know the demographic composition of any country a traveler wants to visit. This information can give an idea of what to expect about the people that are bound to be encountered in any trip. Although such information is not an absolute indication of anything about behavior, attitude, or beliefs, it can serve as a guide with regards to respecting existing practices and cultural observances. […]


How Denmark is Treating Digital Currency

August 22, 2014 olaf 0

With all the controversy and talk spreading around the subject of digital currency such as the Bitcoin, Denmark has made some important decisions regarding it and its use. The Tax Board in Denmark has ruled that gains and losses obtained from casual trading are not subject to taxation. This simply means that gains derived from digital currency trading is not taxable. In the same breathe, losses cannot be claimed as tax deduction. […]


Kastellet as a Star Fortress in Northern Europe

August 18, 2014 olaf 0

There is one structure that is considered one of the best examples of how old fortresses should be preserved, Kastellet, also known as The Citadel, is not only a star fortress in Denmark but also in the whole of Northern Europe. It was constructed in the form of a pentagram with bastions. Now mainly serving as a public park, this historic site features a number of buildings including a church and a windmill. […]


The Wonder of the Blue Planet – Denmark’s Aquarium Pride

August 15, 2014 olaf 0

The Blue Planet is Denmark’s national aquarium located at Kastrup in Copenhagen. It replaced the old aquarium in Charlottenlund when it opened its doors in 2013. This decision came about for the purpose of offering a better facility to disseminate marine information and providing help in science projects. It also seeks to help educational institutions in Denmark teach science to their students. […]


Experiencing Frilandsmuseet – Danish Open Air Museum

August 13, 2014 olaf 0

In the Northern outskirts of Copenhagen lies one of the oldest and largest open air museums in the world – Frilandsmuseet. A museum is considered open-air if its exhibits are found outdoors. Usually, these museums feature buildings and artifacts that are best seen outside as they represent living histories. Landscapes and old structures are recreated, if the original cannot possibly be displayed in the museum. […]

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The Golden Age of Denmark

August 10, 2014 olaf 0

The first half of the 19th century was a period of creative production for Denmark. It was a time when the arts took on a new life of creativity after the country suffered from fires, bombardment, and national bankruptcy. It was known as the Golden Age of Denmark. Lasting up until about 1850, it took a while a longer for someone to pen the term “Golden Age” in relation to Denmark. Danish philosopher Valdemar Vedel was the first one to use the term to describe what is acknowledged as the richest period in the country’s cultural history. […]

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Most Common Names in Denmark

August 2, 2014 olaf 0

Among Scandinavian countries which Denmark is part of, adoption of heritable family names was quite common. The usual practice was to use the surname together with a primary patronym. This meant using the father’s name plus a suffix denoting relationship for son or daughter.  […]