5 Budget Friendly Hotels in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is an international city that offers its visitors a taste of the luxurious and the budget friendly depending on what they can afford. In terms of accommodation, there are so many choices available today from the high end to the cheap ones. For those on a budget, there are several great hotels or hostels right within the city that are ideal to stay in.

Wakeup Copenhagen. Indeed, it won’t cost much to stay in this new and modern hotel within the city center with easy access to public transportation. Designed by architect Kim Utzon, son of the famous Sydney Opera builder, this 2-star hotel opened in 2009 and features small but well furbished rooms.

Copenhagen Downtown. This hostel within the heart of the city offers six different types of rooms according to your requirements. Some rooms have only two beds while the others have four up to eight ideal for families and groups. More than providing beautiful rooms, the owners of this hostel put value on art, culture and ambience.

Danhostel Copenhagen City. Visitors wanting to get the most of city life should book here. With a total of 192 rooms in a tall building, this establishment is considered the largest youth hostel in Europe. Guests have a choice between staying in a big room with other visitors for a cheap price or in a room with only two to four beds if you’re with your family for a higher price. 

CABINN Hotel. With a central location in Denmark’s capital, this hotel is very accessible to public transportation which means it’s easy to get around the city’s great attractions. Whether it’s peak or off season, prices in this hotel are very affordable.

Copenhagen Airport Hostel. This is a youth hostel very near the airport. There are cheap villas here at only 15 Euros per night and the place is situated in a quiet environment.

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