Aero Island

Beware city-dwellers who come to this sunny island in the Baltic Sea by the south of Denmark – once you have discovered the simple, serene pleasures of being in this amazingly picturesque place you may not want to go back to your stressful routine back in the city. Aero, or the “Ship in a Bottle Island” is as quaint and rural as you can get – amid a scenic landscape of verdant hills and peaceful beaches are small villages with cobbled streets, medieval churches, windmills and thatched cottages. The island which is now home to around 7,000 residents has been a settlement for more than 10,000 years. The three main towns are Marstal which is the largest and is considered the economic hub of Aero; Aeroskobing which serves as the port for ferry transportation and the center of cultural activities; and Soby which is known for its old galleons and ship restoration facilities. The island is also home to the world’s largest solar power plants, a mark of its self-sustaining capabilities.

Aside from its abundant natural charms, Aero Island is also blessed with one of the finest climates in Denmark. During summer it clocks in more sunshine hours than the rest of Denmark and year-round the weather remains generally fair and temperate. It is no wonder then that the island has been very popular with tourists, averaging around 300,000 visitors every year. Indeed the island offers plenty of opportunities for entertaining activities ranging from bathing along its pristine coastlines, biking and hiking and sightseeing.

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