Affordable Accommodations in Denmark

Whether you’re a backpacker or a frequent traveller, you would want to know if there are any affordable accommodations when travelling to Demark. Everyone thinks it is quite impossible though considering that the country is known for all the shops of the top fashion designers all over the world. And yet again, when you want it, you know you can find it.

From cheap to free accommodations, you can have them all in Demark when you know how to find them. So if you are travelling on a tight budget, read on and find out.

Go Camping in Demark

There are about 500 different campsites all over Denmark. It is the best way to discover the country and the part of the Danes that are very traditional. It would be a lovely way to wake up to every morning and hearing the sounds of nature, not to mention a great way to save on accommodation costs.

Wild Camping in Denmark

This is the other side of the country that travellers are yet to discover. They’ve got more than a 1,000 wild camping sites all over the country. There are various primitive tent sites where you can pitch your own tent or stay in shelters in the campsites for free. Those who are travelling on foot or by water can very well grab this accommodation and enjoy Denmark and everything that nature has to offer.

Holiday House Swap

Have you ever thought of swapping your house with another Danish family? Not only is it popular but it is a very economical way of experiencing what it is like to be Danish. You may live like a local and have everything you need without going way over budget. Experience the local life and find a good family you can swap homes with.


Travelling to Denmark doesn’t have to be all that expensive. Perhaps all you need is to be a little bit more creative in your choices. With an adventurous heart, you can explore this wonderful country all for free. 

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