All About the Senses at Experimentarium

Discover your senses at the Experimentarium in Hellerup. This is a great place for kids and adults to learn about their surroundings in a way they have not known before.

Right now, a major and new temporary exhibition called Senses is being held at the Experimentarium. Through this exhibit, visitors can learn about the unique senses of both humans and animals, how they actually work and then make comparisons. Everything from the sense of touch, smell and taste to the sense of sight and hearing can be experienced here through a variety of fun-filled activities. Children  will surely have an exciting experience while in the Experimentarium.

To test your senses, there are currently 40 new sensory activities available. The “Find Your Taste Buds” lets you see the taste buds in your tongue through a giant mirror while the “Nectar Hunter” will challenge you to find nectar in a flower as easy as the bee. Through the “Super Hearer” you can compare your sense of hearing with that of your family and view the frequencies via a graph.

At the “Berry Picker” area, visitors can determine how different the edible berries are from the poisonous ones in the dark while at the “Colour Changer,” you will discover how colors change when light is added to them.

In the “Eye Gallery,” visitors will discover how the different animals use their vision while searching for food or watching out for their enemies.

The “Build a Rainbow” section is for small children who love to play with colors.

For those curious about the ultraviolet light, the “Can You See UV?” section will let you see how objects react when exposed to UV light while the “UV Patterns in Nature” will allow you to take a peek into the UV patterns on animals and plants. 

Other than the UV areas, the “Infrared Labyrinth” and “Infrared Light” sections let visitors explore this unique light and how you can see it using your mobile phone.

So there’s a lot to learn about human and animal senses and the Experimentarium is the perfect place to go to

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