Copenhagen’s Counterculture: Christiania

January 21, 2016 denmark 0

  Scandinavia has a very cold reputation. Unfortunately, I can’t change the weather. I hope to, however, change this perception. While Norway, and Sweden remain somewhat culturally rigid, Denmark, embraces alternative lifestyles and eccentricity. Its […]


The Best of Christmas in Copenhagen 2015

December 17, 2015 denmark 0

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Why not spend it in the official happiest country in the world?  Copenhagen is filled with Christmas magic and has something to delight everyone young and old. […]


Higher Education Teaching and Learning Style in Denmark

July 23, 2015 denmark 0

There are a lot of countries offering higher education courses to foreign students but standards and teaching style vary. In Denmark, the teaching and learning environment is best described as innovative and informal. There is much emphasis on promoting creativity and self-expression while encouraging students to practice analytical and critical thinking. […]


Resurrecting Edible Flowers in Denmark

July 22, 2015 denmark 0

Flowers are usually not thought of as something to be eaten. They are more often seen as decorative items whether it is on homes or personal accessories. There was actually a time in Denmark when the consumption of edible flowers was believed to have been almost stopped during the 18th century. Judging however on the more aggressive use of such ingredients especially in popular fine dining establishments and tourist destinations, it is quite clear that consuming edible flowers will remain in Denmark. […]


Organic Farming in Denmark

July 19, 2015 denmark 0

Denmark is evidently serious about making a success of its organic farming efforts. Aside from having the highest market share of organic products in the world, it is also one of the top ten countries in Europe having the biggest cultivated area for organic farming purposes. The organic area continues the grow in the same way that its market share in the total food market does. […]


Choose and Enjoy the Best Camping Sites in Denmark

April 20, 2015 denmark 0

One exhilarating way of touring around Denmark are its camping sites. Enjoying nature is a pleasurable experience especially if you live around urban centers. This country offers the wonderful opportunity of seeing the Nordic culture and scenes when you stay at camp sites. If you think that camping in Denmark means you need to sleep inside a wooden tent, then you are guessing wrong. […]


Indoor Handball – A Danish Creation

May 11, 2014 denmark 0

The sport of handball has long been lorded over by European countries. This is true in its outdoor version and its indoor version as well. Denmark however holds the distinction of being the country where indoor handball originated. This fact is not very known especially since many associate the discovery of handball to Germany.This is probably because Germany has won in several handball competitions from the time they were organized. Historians however have found evidence that the sport has existed during the time of Ancient Greece. […]


Recipe: Fish Frikadeller

December 17, 2013 denmark 0

In a previous post, we focused on a yummy and easy -to-prep recipe for frikadeller, or Danish meatballs. Today, we’ll focus on some meatballs from the sea. We’re going to make fish frikadeller. This is great pescatarian dish, and will satisfy four hungry people.
1 pound cod or cream dory fillets
1 small onion, quartered
1 teaspoon salt
½ cup flour
1 egg
1/8 teaspoon white pepper
½ teaspoon baking powder […]


Following the Danish Riviera

November 24, 2013 denmark 0

The city of Copenhagen may be the most popular destination in Denmark, but what many do not realize is that it is home to some of the best beaches in Europe as well. In fact, one of the best ways to see Denmark is by following the Danish Riviera north of Copenhagen, enjoying not only the natural beauty of the 230 kilometers of coastline between Sejerøbugten to the Øresund, but all the other attractions in between. […]


Frilandmuseet: Revisiting the Old Denmark’s Farming Days

November 21, 2013 denmark 0

A whirlwind visit to Coppenhagen won’t leave you wanting when it comes to seeing the usual beautiful castles, churches, museums, and of course tasting great food and even sneaking in some shopping for souvenirs. The one thing you probably won’t see is the country – at least not if you don’t take time to visit the Frilandmuseet. […]

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