Best Christmas Gifts from Denmark

Want to give the best of Danish gifts to your loved ones? Here are some of the most popular items that are made in Denmark and are sure to make the people in your list feel really special:

Cheese Basket. Denmark is known for good cheeses and the Danish almost always have cheese as part of their daily meals. From the mild and soft to the hard and pungent, there is a variety of cheeses that have put Denmark in the world culinary map. Give your foodie friends an assortment of traditionally made cheeses like Blue Castello, Cream Havarti, Danablu, Danish Fontina, Esrom, Mycella, Samso and many more.

Royal Copenhagen China. Handcrafted and painted china made by Royal Copenhagen is certainly one of Denmark’s cultural icons. The exquisite porcelain products with the trademark blue and white patterns has been produced in Copenhagen for over 230 years. Choose from a wide array of porcelain and ceramic products such as dinnerware, figurines and even Christmas ornaments.

Georg Jensen Jewelry. For that special someone in your life, a luxurious silver jewelry piece from renowned Danish silversmith Georg Jensen may just be the perfect gift for Christmas. From his humble shop in Copenhagen, the Jensen jewelry brand has gained international fame and now has outlets in major cities such as New York, Paris, London and Berlin.

Danish Wool Sweater. Hand-knitted thick and cozy wool sweaters are great gifts for people of all ages. The traditional Danish wool sweater often have a pattern design knitted into them. You can get this from any shop in the mall or find them in local Christmas markets.

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