The Best Christmas Stories by Hans Christian Andersen

Looking for some great Christmas stories to share with your little ones or to give as a gift? Look no further because you can find some of the best stories from the collection of famous Danish author Hans Christian Andersen right on our site.

The Little Match Girl – This is about a poor little girl who, on a cold and snowy New Year’s eve, roamed the streets in bare foot and with no head covering. She was carrying a bundle of matches but not one bought from her until night came. 

Not being able to stand the cold, she then decided to rest in a corner and lit some match sticks by scratching them on the wall to warm herself. Bright lights greeted her one after the other and she found herself in a room with dinner including a roast goose served on the table.  

The little girl then saw her old grandmother and pleaded that she be taken with her. Eventually, the grandmother took the girl into her arms and together, they flew upwards. The following day, the little girl was found lifeless while leaning against the wall. 

The Steadfast Tin Soldier – The story is about 25 tin soldiers that were all the same except for one that had only one leg. There was not enough tin to make his leg the reason for his unique appearance.  At night time when the kids who own the toys sleep, the toys play games together.

One evening, the goblin that popped out of the box told the one-legged tin soldier to not desire what is beyond his reach. He was referring to the toy lady dancer made from paper that lived in the castle. The next morning, the tin soldier fell from the window and went through a long journey. He later on came back to the house and saw the toy dancer still there. Eventually, the tin soldier was thrown into the stove by the child and the lady dancer was also blown by the wind towards that direction until they both turned into ashes.

The Snow Drop – This story talks about a flower that was first hidden in a bulb under the earth when it was winter time.  There in its bulb, the flower lay warm and comfortable. Then it was visited by raindrops followed by sunbeams.

The flower kept asking the sunbeam about when summer will come so she could come out and greet everyone. Eventually, the flower emerged from the earth with its white flower, green stalk and thick leaves and was protected by the sunbeam. It felt overjoyed by the welcome given to her by every ray. The sunbeams praised her and considered her their first and only love.

It was not yet summertime and the wind and weather threatened the flower saying it will just break and fade. But the flower stood confident until a child broke her off from her stalk, was brought into a room and put into water. The flower was later laid in a letter to be sent to a young boy.

The Fir Tree – This story tells of a young fir tree that was very eager to grow up as it could not bear being called “little fellow” by children that play around the area where it was standing. He did not bother at all about the birds on him, the sunshine and the clouds that pass by him every day for he only wanted to grow big and old and tall fast.

At Christmas time, the fir tree grew bigger and wondered about the young trees that were cut off and brought to the houses. The sun and air encouraged him to rejoice in his youth but the tree was still not happy until the next Christmas came and he was the first to be cut down. On that day, the  tree felt sadness for he will no longer be staying in his home and won’t see his old comrades again.

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