The Best Family Tourists Spots in Denmark

Planning to go on a short vacation to Denmark with the entire family? Do not worry about taking the kids with you and boring them the entire trip. Denmark is definitely ready for your kid. They’ve got theme parks and the best attractions only the kids and the kid at heart will love. Denmark is not considered as the most frequently visited country of families that go on a vacation for nothing. From outdoor adventure to interactive museum exhibits to the best theme parks that offer unadulterated fun, Denmark is indeed the place to be.

Here’s a list of the top kid-friendly places in Denmark that you must definitely visit:

  • Tivoli Gardens. There is nothing like it in the world. For all those visiting the Copenhagen for the first time, this place is definitely a must-visit. It’s a walking distance from the famous City Hall. From the fresh flowers and amazingly huge trees, this garden will remind you of how clean our world can be.

  • Bakken. There may be a lot of theme parks all over the world but the Bakken must definitely be in your bucket list. It is located just north of Copenhagen. It is the world’s oldest amusement parks but it remains to be one of the best. This amusement park is already 431 years old, but because it is well-maintained, it still is the best that the country has to offer.

  • Legoland. You must have been to other Legolands, but this one in Denmark is the first and the original. You can see your favourite lego characters and those movie icons that have been legolized. It has all new attractions for 2015 that features the best of the best in the world.

  • Copenhagen Zoo. This should definitely be in your list of must-visit places in the country. Hippos to elephants to flamingos, they’ve got it all for you. It is located in Frederiksberg area. Every visit to this zoo is always exciting and wild, not to mention very educational too.


Now, which place should you visit first? Just make sure you’ve got the time to visit all!

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