The Best Restaurant in the World

Surely they must be doing something good over at Noma restaurant in Copenhagen for it has been named “The Best Restaurant in the World” by Restaurant magazine for three years in a row. Only eight years in existence, Noma (which is a combination of the Danish words “nordisk” and “mad” translated as “Nordic food”) has been getting rave reviews for its innovative and organic New Nordic Cuisine. Under the masterful hands and supervision of chef and owners Rene Redzepi and Claus Meyer, this two Michelin star restaurant is reinventing the regional flavors while promoting the principles and benefits of wildculture, or the process of food gathering in the wild. It is said that the restaurant counts among its staff three full-time foragers.
A meal at Noma may be very expensive but diners who have gone to the restaurant swear by the whole culinary experience that takes hours to savor – when you make a reservation to Noma, you are advised about the recommended number of hours to spend in the restaurant. A number of small plates or dishes are served in succession, each a creative interpretation of Nordic and Scandinavian dishes. The ingredients that the chefs in Noma use are all sourced around the Scandinavian region – wild salmon from Iceland, horse mussels from the Faroe Islands, wild herbs and mushrooms for forests all over Denmark), and wines from the Champagne region. These are then turned into inventive dishes like Sea-buckthorn berries with pickled rose hip petals, radishes in “soil” (made of crushed malt, hazelnuts, beer on a creamy bed of sheep’s milk yoghurt) and dried scallops with biodynamic grains, hazelnuts and squid ink sauce.

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