Bike, Generate Power and Eat for Free

BikeWant to experience fine dining without having to pay for it? If yes, then check out the Crowne Plaza’s Cycle for Your Supper program in Copenhagen, which will run for a year.

Under this special eco friendly program which will start in June, guests staying in the Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers can use the two exercise bikes installed there. By doing so, they can help generate electricity within the building and those who are able to achieve more mileage get a free meal at the hotel’s restaurant.

The idea is to allow hotel guests to stay fit while at the same contribute to the global campaign against global warming by reducing carbon emissions. They will literally compete against the solar panel system of the establishment. While they’re biking, guests can keep track of the amount of electricity they have generated on the screens mounted on the bicycle’s handle bars.

So, how much electricity is needed to get a free meal? Attaining at least 10 watt hours of electricity or more will enable a bike user to enjoy a complimentary meal worth $44 especially prepared at the hotel. Approximately 100 watt hours can be achieved by one guest if he or she cycles at a speed of 19 miles per hour for about 60 minutes.

The Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers is committed to staying carbon neutral. In fact, it’s one of the modern green buildings in the Danish capital with the first cooling and heating system in Denmark that utilizes ground water. It also has the biggest solar panel park in the entire Northern Europe.

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