Bike through Denmark’s Marguerite Route

Bikers in Denmark should have good reason to rejoice as a new bicycle route is about to open in the greater Copenhagen area. This 50 kilometer long route boasts of beautiful scenery allowing bike loving tourists and local residents to enjoy a healthy outdoor activity and nature at its very best.

Known as the Marguerite Route, this path exclusively meant for bicycles passes through Gentofte Lake as well as the main shopping streets of Hellerup and Osterbro which are popular for their cafes. It also goes through the areas of Western Amager and the Commons at Kalvebod in the southern part of the Danish capital.

Nature lovers will surely have an unforgettable experience while biking through this new tourist route. While nature areas are abundant along the way, there are also amazing man-made landscapes about two kilometers from the City Hall Square. They’re not as high, though, to block people’s view of the fantastic Copenhagen skyline.

Water lovers will also get the chance to experience marvelous views of the sea especially at the coastal road along the airport’s eastern section. Other than the sea, the Oresund Bridge and Sweden can be also be seen at a distance. While near the airport, one photo opportunity is the landing and taking off of aircrafts. For a unique photographic effect, you can have yourself photographed with the aircraft in action at a far distance as your background.

As you move further south around the airport, you will pass by the Dragor harbor village known for its narrow lanes and boats. From there, the next stop will be Kongelunden which literally means King’s Grove. This is the place to enjoy horseback riding and be able to view different kinds of birds as well as hear their own sound of music.

The final destinations along the Marguerite Route are the modern structures in Copenhagen’s western suburbs, the Damhus Lake, the western forest of Vestskoven and the Herstedhoje.

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