Billund: The New Destination for Young International Students

Students looking to move to Denmark to study are often those aiming to pursue a degree in one of Denmark’s Universities. With some of Denmark’s best universities offering programs tailor-fit for international students, it is no wonder that Denmark attracts study-abroad visitors every year.

What you don’t really hear much about though are the educational opportunities for younger international students. This is perhaps something that will be changing soon as people hear of the newly opened International School of Billund.

The International School of Billund is founded by the LEGO Foundation and is one of the highlights of the Billund Municipality’s quest to reinvent itself as the “Capital of Children”. Note though that the school will be operating independently and will not be under the LEGO Foundation.

Aimed at providing “creative, high quality academic programmes to students aged 3 to 16 years” the International School of Billund is unique in the curriculum it offers in that it combines Danish learning traditions, the proven International Baccalaureate programme, an the creative approach of the Lego group called systematic creativity. 

Preference will be given to International students when applying for slots. Right now, the school only accepts children aged 3 to 9 years old. By August 2015, programmes for older students will be available.

So the next time you think of visiting LEGOLAND in Billund, take heed because your little one might convince you to just stay and enroll in the new “LEGO school”. After all, why settle for a day of fun, when school can be just as equally fun?

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