Following our posts on the saga of the royal romance between Queen Carolina Mathilde of Denmark and Johann Friedrich Struensee, here's a new Danish breakfast recipe that's sure to give you the royal treatment. It's called Hof Pandekager, or Court Pancakes. No one is quite sure why these were called so. Where they a breakfast favorite at Christiansborg in Copenhagen? Did Christian VII gleefully munch on these while still in bed? No one knows, but these pancakes are sure to delight the tastebuds.

First Class Travel Guide to Copenhagen

A hardcore yet environment friendly tour around the city? Copenhagen is the perfect location for you. Not only will you be mesmerized at the preserved history of its buildings but the minimal and functional features of the new structures around the metro. Even with the buzz around the city, the hyggelige ambiance is all over this city fostering a uniquely Danish sense of conviviality. Around Copenhagen are three sandy beaches where there’s a chance of getting to the award winning artificial island.

Apart from being one of the happiest countries in the world, there are other reasons why people love visiting this country every year. This not only attracts visitors in Denmark but also sets a high standard among other countries who wish to provide the best to their citizens. Let us share with you some of these reasons.

For Art and History Lovers

It’s great to shop in places where you are also enjoying the sights and scenery. Denmark is one of the fabulous places to shop, dine, and unwind while experiencing the breathtaking culture of its people. If you love to purchase items but you want to right value for your money, below are some consumer tips you should keep in mind while shopping.

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Hans Christian Andersen Festival

Since the year 2013, the Hans Christian Andersen Festival has been funded by a group pf professionals from Odense. The festival showcases various cultural activities and adventures into Andersen's fantasy world. This yearly activity has become a much awaited event in the city.

The Danish Railway Museum situated in Dannebrogsgade near Odense Central Station is one place which offers tracks (as in railway tracks) of family fun. It has in fact 19 railway tracks occupied by historical locomotives and carriages. Its facilities provide the perfect atmosphere for learning play both for adults and children.

Simple, Functional, and Sophisticated are words often used to describe Danish furniture. These are the very reasons why they continue to attract many homeowners to buy. From the 1940s when its popularity started to surge up to the present time, Danish furniture showed that it had a steady market regardless of time period.

Trade Shows in Denmark

Trade shows will always be a major attraction for any country hosting the best of them. And why not? Trade shows and exhibitions provide businesses a chance to showcase their latest products and innovations to its target market. Denmark for its part has been consistently hosting such events for many years now. This has given both business and leisure travelers more reasons to come to Denmark at any time of the year.

Seed Production Industry of Denmark

Not many may be aware that Denmark is one of the leading producers of grass, clover, and horticultural seeds. At least 40% of EU's total production of such seeds comes from Denmark. Also, 90% of the country's production is exported to more than 100 countries. That is how big a player Denmark is in the global market when it comes to seed production.

Denmark at Winter Time

Summer time from May to August is especially lovely in Denmark. This is the most difficult time to get reservations for accommodations and attractions. This is not to say though that there is no reason for travelers to see Denmark at winter time. The country during this time of the year, has something to offer as well. October to March may be very cold and days are dark and short but January still stands out as the coldest month to be in Denmark.