Following our posts on the saga of the royal romance between Queen Carolina Mathilde of Denmark and Johann Friedrich Struensee, here's a new Danish breakfast recipe that's sure to give you the royal treatment. It's called Hof Pandekager, or Court Pancakes. No one is quite sure why these were called so. Where they a breakfast favorite at Christiansborg in Copenhagen? Did Christian VII gleefully munch on these while still in bed? No one knows, but these pancakes are sure to delight the tastebuds.

Cheap Holiday Plans While In Denmark

Whenever you think about travelling to Denmark, you cannot help but think of how expensive it can be. There is actual truth to this fear. Not only is Denmark known to be a shopping destinations for those who are into the expensive brands, but because it has tourist spots that every want would want to get a glimpse of.

Danes are known to be very happy people, but for those who know little about them, some customs can be very weird. Some might even plainly say that these customs are just stupid. And yet Danes, just like any other people of a different culture, have a normal set of traditions too. Take a look again and decide for yourself whether these customs are truly weird or are just new to you.


How To Survive Denmark

It is impossible to survive in Denmark? It could look like it at first, simply because you know that it is a foreign land. However, there is a lot about Denmark that will make you love it even more. So before you worry too much about how to survive Denmark, here are a few easy tips and tricks to make sure you enjoy every minute of your stay in the happiest place in the world.


The Original Legoland

Who would have thought that the original Legoland of the world is found in Billund in Denmark? Apart from the fact that it houses one of the biggest Lego model, it also offers a lot of Lego formations and structures that you have never seen before. If you can only count all the Lego blocks that you can find, don’t be too surprised if they turn out to be uncountable. There are about 5 million pieces in the whole of Legoland. That’s amazingly many!

The Haunted House

Visiting Tivoli Gardens

Whether you are staying in Copenhagen for a day or a week, you cannot miss a visit at the Tivoli Gardens. Young and old alike will definitely fall in love with this place. Conveniently located a few blocks away from the city hall and the Copenhagen Central Station, you cannot help but visit this expansive garden full of your favorite flowers in full bloom.

One exhilarating way of touring around Denmark are its camping sites. Enjoying nature is a pleasurable experience especially if you live around urban centers. This country offers the wonderful opportunity of seeing the Nordic culture and scenes when you stay at camp sites. If you think that camping in Denmark means you need to sleep inside a wooden tent, then you are guessing wrong.

First Class Travel Guide to Copenhagen

A hardcore yet environment friendly tour around the city? Copenhagen is the perfect location for you. Not only will you be mesmerized at the preserved history of its buildings but the minimal and functional features of the new structures around the metro. Even with the buzz around the city, the hyggelige ambiance is all over this city fostering a uniquely Danish sense of conviviality. Around Copenhagen are three sandy beaches where there’s a chance of getting to the award winning artificial island.

Apart from being one of the happiest countries in the world, there are other reasons why people love visiting this country every year. This not only attracts visitors in Denmark but also sets a high standard among other countries who wish to provide the best to their citizens. Let us share with you some of these reasons.

For Art and History Lovers

It’s great to shop in places where you are also enjoying the sights and scenery. Denmark is one of the fabulous places to shop, dine, and unwind while experiencing the breathtaking culture of its people. If you love to purchase items but you want to right value for your money, below are some consumer tips you should keep in mind while shopping.

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