Following our posts on the saga of the royal romance between Queen Carolina Mathilde of Denmark and Johann Friedrich Struensee, here's a new Danish breakfast recipe that's sure to give you the royal treatment. It's called Hof Pandekager, or Court Pancakes. No one is quite sure why these were called so. Where they a breakfast favorite at Christiansborg in Copenhagen? Did Christian VII gleefully munch on these while still in bed? No one knows, but these pancakes are sure to delight the tastebuds.

Flowers in Denmark

In most cities the main attraction is a building, either modern or ancient, that represents some sort of golden age. From the Coliseum, to the Empire State building, to the Eiffel Tower, a tourist can see what a culture values by looking at its most revered structure. In Rome, there is a constant sense of history and a forlorn dominance. In New York, you can see the Art Deco remnants of global finance. In Paris, there is an ever­present tinge of romance and turn of the century intrigue. So what does it say about a country when the most famous landmark is a garden?

It is no secret Denmark is expensive. Danish citizens face one of the highest tax burdens in the world, and as a result, receive some truly amazing social services. From the general cleanliness of the cities, to the relative lack of apparent desperation, it seems Denmark has this whole government thing figured out.


Being a traveler is about balance. The good ones stand out just enough to attract a little attention, but not enough to look out of place. Let’s face it; we don’t go to foreign places to fit in. Humans travel to feel something different, to be something different. A good traveler takes risks, but is not reckless. A good traveler finds that perfect equilibrium between activity and relaxation.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Why not spend it in the official happiest country in the world?  Copenhagen is filled with Christmas magic and has something to delight everyone young and old.

A Danish Christmas

Christmas dominates the last month of the year in Denmark.  Everywhere you go, you can see decorations of fir garlands and Christmas lights especially in shopping streets.  These days, trees are covered with fairy lights.


Shrovetide, also known Fastelavn, is the day before Lent and is considered as a legacy from Catholic Times.  It must begin 40 days before Easter.  So, what they call “Quinquagesima Sunday” can be at earliest fall on the 1st of February or at the latest on the 7th of March.

LEGO is Danish

One of the interesting things about Denmark would be Lego.  Lego is a line of plastic construction toys that are made by The Lego Group.  This is a privately held company based in Billund, Denmark. 

LARP in Denmark

Live action role playing, or LARP as it is in gamers’ lexicon, is when people decide to take the board role playing games outside and play the characters themselves.  Scandinavia is one of the most active role playing areas of the world.

Rainy Day in Copenhagen: What to do?

Everyone loves the rain, but who doesn’t want to enjoy the warm, sunny weather when everyone can stay dry. Danes love the rain too, but everyone prefers the blue skies because it means a day can be spent roaming around the city of Copenhagen and just having a lot of fun.