Following our posts on the saga of the royal romance between Queen Carolina Mathilde of Denmark and Johann Friedrich Struensee, here's a new Danish breakfast recipe that's sure to give you the royal treatment. It's called Hof Pandekager, or Court Pancakes. No one is quite sure why these were called so. Where they a breakfast favorite at Christiansborg in Copenhagen? Did Christian VII gleefully munch on these while still in bed? No one knows, but these pancakes are sure to delight the tastebuds.

The Badminton World Cup goes back to Denmark for the year 2014. The City of Copenhagen has hosted this prestigious event for three years before this year's event. The first one was in 1983, then in 1991, and then in 1999. 

This is a badminton tournament organized by the Badminton World Federation (BWF). It started in 1977 wherein the first event was held in Sweden. What started as an every-three-year event eventually became an annual event starting year 2006. China, by far has obtained the most number of gold medals in the entire run of the event. 

DADIU is Denmark's National Academy of Digital Interactive Entertainment. It is a collaboration between and among five universities and three art schools in the country. The main thrust is to create education that could positively influence the Danish computer game industry.

Every 4th Friday after Easter, the Danes celebrate an annual holiday called the Store Bededag. This translates to Great Prayer Day or General Prayer Day. It is actually a consolidation of several minor Christian holidays.

King Christian V is credited for introducing this celebration in the Church of Denmark in 1686. The combined celebration of several Roman Catholic holidays honoring several saints was deemed more practical and efficient rather than celebrating them individually. Store Bededag is announced on the holiday's eve with ringing of church bells across the country.

The Kerteminde Cherry Festival

There is one more reason for travelers to vist Denmark and it has something to do with cherries on summer time. The Kerteminde Cherry Festival is an annual event organized by the Art and Culture Society for the purpose of promoting art and culture in the Kerteminde area. The festival goes very well with the promotional idea of having a taste of Denmark.

The Annual Odense Flower Festival

As the third largest city in Denmark, Odense is one of the favorite travel destinations in the country. It functions as the commercial hub of Funen and is also commonly used as venue for national conventions. Odense however, is likewise known for its annual flower festival that boasts of exciting creations and presentations using all available kinds of flowers and materials. 

Aalborg is an industrial city found in the north of Jutland, Denmark. It may not be easily associated with festive activities like its annual Aalborg Carnival, but festive it is not only to its locals but also to foreign visitors. One unique attraction of the city is its so-called Aalborg Beerwalk where visitors get to taste 6 special beers from 6 great pubs in the area for a price of 100 DKK.

Couples who are looking into holding their wedding in a foreign country may include Denmark in their list of considered countries. This is not only because of the different environment it offers but also of its relatively relaxed requirements as compared to other countries. This is not to say however that anyone who chooses to do so can get married in Denmark since there are still necessary requirements to be provided.

For the third time, Denmark will host the prestigious Eurovision Song Contest for this year 2014. Two semi-final events have been scheduled for May 6 and 8, respectively. The finals is set to happen on May 10. Choice for the hosting country follows the tradition of winning countries acting as host for the next year's event. Emmelie de Forrest who sang "Only Teardrops" brought home the top award for Denmark in 2013.

The Index Award which is given biennially, is an offshoot of the works of a non-profit organization called Index that seeks to promote designs that improve quality of life. It is commendable that the products of this initiative is not only meant for local consumption in Denmark but also to serve the needs of other countries, whether developed or developing. This initiative does not come as a surprise since Danish design has long been recognized around the world for its simplicity and functionality.