How to Set Up a Business in Denmark

April 28, 2016

Companies that establish a business in Denmark get the chance to have the easy plug and play registrations and they can be ready to start operating in a few hours. Doing so is cost- and tax-efficient. There are several key advantages that they can have from the experience of setting up a business in Denmark. […]

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Vikings to Kings: History of Roskilde

April 21, 2016

Copenhagen is the undisputed capital of Danish history, society and culture. It is one of the most historically relevant and best-preserved cities in Europe. Today it is the most important city in Denmark, but this was not always the case. Most visitors to Denmark do not know the country had a different capital until the […]

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Job Hunting Tips for Foreigners in Denmark

April 20, 2016

Many foreigners want to come to Denmark because of the many advantages it offers.  You can have a well-balanced family and work life.  They also have an excellent business climate and an efficient business state.  Denmark is one of the best places to find a job in Europe.   Here are some tips on how […]

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Popular Spring Activities in Denmark

April 13, 2016

When temperatures reach double figures, it is when spring brings warmth to Denmark. It is a good time to visit Denmark.  You can see the leaves turn green and the flowers bloom. Not only is it a great time to go out and explore Denmark, but it is also a good opportunity to take advantage […]

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Complete Guide to Surviving Roskilde

April 11, 2016

Summer is almost upon us. For music fans, that means it’s the beginning of festival season. It’s a magical time of year but going to a festival is often intimidating for first timers. The throngs of people, the sun, the costs of accommodation, and food can all be prohibitive factors. Popular American festivals like Coachella, […]

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Denmark Tightens Security After Brussel Attacks

April 9, 2016

Denmark security is now of utmost importance after the Brussels attacks wreaked havoc at Brussels’  Zaventem airport and Maalbeek metro station in the EU district of the city. There were two explosions at the airport shortly before 8am on the 22nd March, 2016. The explosions were minutes apart according to the local media.  Both of […]

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Copenhagen: Denmark’s Bike City

March 29, 2016

Denmark is at the forefront of the green wave. This push toward a brighter future is in part due to an increased focus on cleaner energy and technology. However, the greatest contributor to Copenhagen’s status as a green capital is an old innovation often regarded as a toy. Copenhagen truly is the biking capital of […]

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Smorrebrod: Denmark’s Sushi

March 9, 2016

Nordic Cuisine can be a little challenging for outsiders. Ingredients like smoked salmon, pickled herring, and fish roe are not as common worldwide. Over the past few years, appreciation for the Danish culinary scene has developed rapidly. World-renowned Danish restaurants, like Copenhagen’s Noma, have embraced the farm to table movement, local ingredients, and sustainability. Nowhere […]

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Five Star Hotels in Denmark

February 23, 2016

Denmark has a reputation for being socialist and simplistic. This is certainly a modern development, as Denmark also boasts Europe’s oldest (uninterrupted) royal lineage, and all the charm of the continent’s other capitals. So fear not luxury travelers, Copenhagen has world-class luxury hotels worthy of royalty.Copenhagen’s 5 –Star hotels mix aspects of both old-world elegance […]

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