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Visiting Copenhagen with Kids

December 4, 2017 Laura Welch 0

Copenhagen is one of the most child-friendly cities that you could hope to visit. It’s not just accommodating – there are specific activities created for children of all ages and interests. Both entertaining and educational […]

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Things to do in Copenhagen in Winter

November 6, 2017 Laura Welch 0

It’s cold, dark, and long, but winter in Denmark is also full of hygge activities (all about cosiness and well-being) to keep you warm inside and out. If you plan to visit Copenhagen between November […]

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Top Casinos to visit in Denmark

September 26, 2017 MJTM 0

Denmark is one of the top travel destinations in Northern Europe. Most people coming to Denmark will plan a visit to the Tivoli Gardens, a 19th century amusement park that operates during the spring and […]


Vegan Copenhagen Reviews

September 25, 2017 Laura Welch 0

Given the Danes’ love of pork, Copenhagen might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think “good vegan food”, but as in many capital cities, this culinary lifestyle has been making […]


Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Copenhagen

September 11, 2017 Laura Welch 0

Copenhagen has a refreshing selection of fully vegetarian (and vegan) restaurants across the city to choose from; it’s a welcome change from settling for whatever vegetarian option has been squeezed onto the regular menu. Whether […]

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Upcoming Events Copenhagen

August 29, 2017 Laura Welch 0

Denmark is known for its great quality of life and cultural heritage. As the Danish capital, Copenhagen epitomises these characteristics, and it puts on events that enrich and entertain people from all walks of life. […]

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Living in Denmark – Bucket List

August 15, 2017 Laura Welch 0

Many people have a travel bucket list: taking part in La Tomatina, visiting the Grand Canyon or just going on a hot-air balloon ride. Whether you enjoy events, food, nature, culture, or just really amazing […]

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