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New Year in Denmark

December 25, 2008 denmark 0

New Year’s Eve in Denmark is often spent with friends rather than family. Young people go to party somewhere, as everywhere in the Western world, whereas older people often have neighbours, friends or relatives over for dinner.
A traditional New Year’s dinner is steamed codfish with potatoes and side dishes like chopped, boiled eggs, preserved beets, capers and gravy. The dessert is traditionally marcipan cake. […]

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Christmas in Denmark

December 24, 2008 denmark 0

On Christmas in Denmark mischievous elves called Julenisse can have their fun. These elves are said to live in the lofts of old farmhouses and enjoy playing jokes. The Julenisse wear woolen clothes, red bonnets, red stockings and white clogs. Families leave them a bowl of rice pudding or porridge on Christmas Eve to keep their jokes within limits. […]

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December 19, 2008 denmark 0

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