Vikings to Kings: History of Roskilde

April 21, 2016 Craig Hewitt 0

Copenhagen is the undisputed capital of Danish history, society and culture. It is one of the most historically relevant and best-preserved cities in Europe. Today it is the most important city in Denmark, but this […]


Complete Guide to Surviving Roskilde

April 11, 2016 Craig Hewitt 0

Summer is almost upon us. For music fans, that means it’s the beginning of festival season. It’s a magical time of year but going to a festival is often intimidating for first timers. The throngs […]


Copenhagen: Denmark’s Bike City

March 29, 2016 Craig Hewitt 0

Denmark is at the forefront of the green wave. This push toward a brighter future is in part due to an increased focus on cleaner energy and technology. However, the greatest contributor to Copenhagen’s status […]


Smorrebrod: Denmark’s Sushi

March 9, 2016 Craig Hewitt 0

Nordic Cuisine can be a little challenging for outsiders. Ingredients like smoked salmon, pickled herring, and fish roe are not as common worldwide. Over the past few years, appreciation for the Danish culinary scene has […]

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