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Flowers in Denmark

February 9, 2016 Craig Hewitt 0

In most cities the main attraction is a building, either modern or ancient, that represents some sort of golden age. From the Coliseum, to the Empire State building, to the Eiffel Tower, a tourist can […]


Copenhagen’s Counterculture: Christiania

January 21, 2016 denmark 0

  Scandinavia has a very cold reputation. Unfortunately, I can’t change the weather. I hope to, however, change this perception. While Norway, and Sweden remain somewhat culturally rigid, Denmark, embraces alternative lifestyles and eccentricity. Its […]


Updates on Denmark Immigration in 2016

January 15, 2016 Craig Hewitt 0

Immigration across much of the Eurozone is a popular topic amongst not just fellow european citizens, but also potential immigrants from other countries.  As of the time of this writing there is a great debate […]



December 31, 2015 olaf 0

Copenhagen’s Winter Jazz Festival, popularly known as Vinterjazz, lasts for 10 days.  Every singer summer since 1979,  this festival takes over Copenhagen . […]

Daily Life

Boxing Day

December 31, 2015 olaf 0

Juledag or Boxing day is on December 26.  The stores are not usually open. […]


Copenhagen Food Fair

December 31, 2015 olaf 0

In this age, the best way to every person’s heart is through his or her stomach.  There are many people who enjoy trying out different kinds of delicacies from different countries. […]

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