Cargo Bikes that Made Christiana Famous

If there’s one thing that has made Denmark a great inspiration to the people of the world and to other countries, it’s their bicycle lifestyle. Anybody who likes to bike and who follows a healthy lifestyle looks up to this Scandinavian country. Not only are the Danes lucky to be able to bike to wherever they go every day of their lives but they also have unique bikes not found anywhere else in the world.

The cargo bikes are famous in Denmark particularly in its capital city of Copenhagen. And some of the brands are not even easily available in other areas and countries. Brands of cargo bikes well known in the Danish capital are the Christiana, Trio or Nihola.

The Christiana bike is very unique in that it features a box in front where you can put your things and even let children ride on it. The frame is made from steel tubes soldered together while the box is made from durable plywood.

There are many uses for this bicycle. Being the cargo type, owners can use it for shopping, carrying children, moving tools, delivering post and advertising.

Most people in Copenhagen, the rich and even the not-so-rich, have this kind of bicycle. As its name suggests, this unique bike originated in the car-free section of Copenhagen, Christiana. It was developed after a dialogue with consumers to ensure the bike’s quality and durability and to ensure the safety of users as well.

Many enterprising people inspired by this cargo bike have ventured into the export business for years now. Their goal is to let other people in the different parts of the world know about this bike and use it for their personal lives. For these entrepreneurs, the cargo bike is a great transport solution that is not only fun to use but practical, healthy and environment friendly as well.

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