Catch the Copenhagen Blues Festival

Copenhagen Blues FestivalMusic is a big part of Denmark. In fact, this Scandinavian country has its own music and has produced successful musical artists that are known worldwide. Another proof is the yearly music festivals in Denmark such as the Roskilde Festival, the Jazz Festival and the Copenhagen Blues Festival.

This last part of September, music lovers can once again experience Danish music during the Copenhagen Blues Festival. This five-day event which kicks off September 30 is already on its 9th year. Taking part are international and local Blues artists in more than 50 concerts all over the city.

This year’s theme is Chicago Blues and you can experience the classic and modern versions of the Blues at different venues including clubs in the Danish capital. Among those to be featured are Eddy “The Chief” Clearwater and Watermelon Slim, both American Blues artists. Most events are organized by the City of Chicago and Alligator Records. A major highlight is the awarding of the Danish Blues Artist of the Year on October 2.

Incidentally, several renowned people from Chicago in the United States such as First Lady Michelle Obama and talk show queen Oprah Winfrey will be in Copenhagen this week for the International Olympic Congress. Chicago is bidding to become the host of the 2016 Summer Olympics.

In order to witness the musical events, one needs to secure a ticket at each venue as no festival pass for all performances is available. You can get tickets as well at special ticket offices. To get to the venues, Copenhagen has an efficient public transport network. This means that you can take the bus, train and tram. Otherwise, you can easily reach the venues in the city center by foot.

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