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There is one specific area in the Tourism industry that is experiencing quite a boom at present in Denmark. This is the Health and Wellness Tourism which is attracting not only foreign visitors but local tourists as well. The surge in growth of this particular tourism industry is said to be a direct result of the increasing trend for self-indulgence. 

Denmark can be proud of its contributions to the medical world through various inventions. Not many countries can claim such honor. It is worth taking note of these discoveries that have helped made living more bearable, regardless of how big or small they are. The real measure of a discovery's worth is the impact it makes on those who stand to benefit from it.

Pure Nature Spa & Wellness

Pure Nature Spa and Wellness is an experience unto itself.  Located at the edge of the Moesgaard Forest, this luxury retreat nurtures both the body and the mind.  A mere 15-minute drive from Aarhus, Pure Nature a variety of treatments that are designed to rejuvenate, refresh, and help bring balance and relaxation into one's life. 

Danes Go For a Healthy Lifestyle

Leading a healthy lifestyle is the way to go today. Whether you’re in your 20s or in your golden years, it won’t hurt to take the necessary steps to stay away from food and activities that don’t have any value to your health.

A healthy lifestyle means a lot of things to many people. This involves following a balanced diet, staying away from vices and engaging in daily exercise. Regardless of the type of person you are, it would help if you attend the Healthy Lifestyle Show at Copenhagen’s Forum. This two-day event will take place on October 8-10.

You’re in luck if you’re visiting Copenhagen and are into fitness, because you can continue your workout routine any time you wish. There are many fitness centers in the Danish capital. Depending on your budget, you have a wide choice on which studio to go to.

Here is our top selection:

It can be devastating for a person to find out that he or she has a disease that will change his life forever and one which will no longer make him capable of doing his usual routine. This is what multiple sclerosis can do to anybody but thanks to a Danish musician, information about this disease and its effects are being spread across the United States.

This is a lesson that perhaps every one of us has to keep in mind. If we want to live longer and be more efficient at work, then we should not force ourselves to work if we feel sick. The more you try to work when your body is feeling weak, the more you will be going to get sick and the longer it will take for you to recover.

Danish researchers from the Herning Hospital of Denmark recently found that employees who reported to work even though they were sick were more likely to take a sick leave longer than they should.

In the past 20 years, the Mediterranean diet has been a top choice among body conscious people. But while this diet may have benefitted a lot of people, scientists have found a new and healthier diet. The Nordic diet is the latest eating plan that could surpass the benefits provided by the famous Mediterranean diet that uses olive oil, vegetables, unrefined cereals, fish, nuts and citrus fruit.

Both Copenhagen and Amsterdam can be proud of their impressive cycling statistics and ongoing investment in biking infrastructure. A good third of Copenhagen's commuters bike to work every morning. In Amsterdam over 50% of the commuters go by bike.

The Danes want to increase their bike commuters to 50 percent by 2015. A new Danish traffic plan launched January 29 promises that 2/3rds of a $16 billion budget will go towards bikes and public transport, while the other 1/3 will be dedicated to asphalt and roads.