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How To Make Friends In Denmark

June 4, 2015

It’s your first day in Denmark and you’re not sure if you are going to make any friends. Probably everybody who has travelled to Denmark has got the same hesitations. Knowing that Denmark is only a small country that everyone seems to know everybody else will give you a sense of comfort. Whether you are travelling to see the sights or are planning to look into relocation in Denmark for work or for study, it would be best to know that you can find friends in Denmark.


Most Common Names in Denmark

August 2, 2014

Among Scandinavian countries which Denmark is part of, adoption of heritable family names was quite common. The usual practice was to use the surname together with a primary patronym. This meant using the father’s name plus a suffix denoting relationship for son or daughter. 


How to Apply for Family Reunification In Denmark

July 8, 2014

Did you know that you can apply for a residence permit in Denmark on the basis of family reunification? Of course, there are several requirements that need to be met before it can be realized. Getting a residence permit offers the advantage of being able to work legally in the country.


The Rise of the House of Glucksborg

July 3, 2014

The present Danish Queen Margrethe II, traces her ancestry to Prince Christian of Glücksborg who ascended to the throne as Christian IX. He was the first monarch from the current House of Glücksborg after the extinction of the direct family lines coming from the ancient Danish dynasty – the House of Oldenborg. Frederick VII who was the last sovereign from the line died childless.


Danish Father’s Day

May 24, 2014

While most of the world will be celebrating Father’s Day on June 15 this year, Denmark will celebrate it on June 5. It is only one of several countries who deviates from the more common observation date that happens on the 3rd Sunday of June as was started in the US. Apparently, the different date has something to do about failing to inform the public and press about the change of observation date.


Mother’s Day in Denmark

April 26, 2014

Like many countries all over the world, Denmark celebrates Mother’s Day every second week of May. Known as the Mors Dag, it is a tradition observed since 1929 to honor mothers by giving gifts or doing something special for them during the day. The initial reasons for starting the tradition was borne out of social purposes although it is openly acknowledged that it was inspired by the Mother’s Day celebrations in the US.


How Does International Adoption in Denmark Work?

March 27, 2014

Since adoption in Denmark is no longer limited to adopting Danish children by Danish adoptive parents, it would be good to know how international adoption or intercountry adoption works in the country. The process is generally guided by The Danish Act on Adoption and The Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption. The main institution that oversees international adoption in Denmark is The Danish Ministry of Family and Consumer Affairs.


How Can Foreigners Get Married in Denmark?

March 17, 2014

Couples who are looking into holding their wedding in a foreign country may include Denmark in their list of considered countries. This is not only because of the different environment it offers but also of its relatively relaxed requirements as compared to other countries. This is not to say however that anyone who chooses to do so can get married in Denmark since there are still necessary requirements to be provided.


Valentine’s Day in Denmark

January 20, 2014

The people of Denmark celebrate Valentine’s Day in a very traditional way. Cards, flowers, and love notes are the three main components of the celebration. There are however some ways that are uniquely Danish in practice.
Valentine’s Day celebrations started rather late in Denmark. The Danes apparently only warmed up to the idea sometime during the early 1990s. They fashioned it from the American custom but made modifications. Thus the Danish Valentine resulted which is celebrated with much fanfare and activity.


Gender Equality: Not Taken Lightly in Denmark

January 3, 2014

Denmark holds an impressive record in the subject of gender equality. It does not take the issue lightly as evidenced by existing legislative acts that will ensure adherence to it. Gender equality is said to be one of the reasons why Denmark is the happiest country in the world.

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