Zulu Comedy Festival Gets Cracking with English Acts Aplenty

August 28, 2013 olaf 0

Feeling a little down? If you are, then the blues couldn’t have visited you at a better time because you can still catch the last few days of the Zulu Comedy Festival.
A ten-day festival that started on the 23rd of August, the Zulu Comedy Festival brings the best stand-up comedians from all over Denmark and even other countries. With acts ranging from the raunchy to the more intellectual ones, you’ll find yourself laughing your socks off. […]


Those, Crazy, Kooky Danish Schoolyard Rhymes

February 27, 2013 olaf 0

Do you still remember those schoolyard rhymes you sung as a kid? We often get our first understanding of the adult world through jokes and rhymes we picked up from our classmates during recess or on the way home. Sometimes absurd, sometimes whimsical, sometimes even raunchy or scary, we giggled and squealed and scampered off with these schoolyard chants being made up on the fly.


Danish Artist Spotlight: John Kenn Mortensen

February 17, 2013 olaf 0

Imagine a bleak and cold autumn evening, the sun making its sleepy way toward the horizon. It’s the beginning of winter – after gathering enough firewood from the forest, you make your way back to […]


Danish Artist Spotlight: humon

February 11, 2013 olaf 0

A person’s work will often tell you a lot about the person behind it. The mastery and artistry of a story may betray the vast intellect and depth of understanding of a person, the long hours spent poring over dusty books and tapping away at a keyboard. The gravity and grandeur of their work to be reckoned with, their opus is nothing to be even giggled at.
And then, you have humon.



March 25, 2012 denmark 0

Ballonmand is the ideal entertainment for children’s birthday parties or any other type of children’s party or celebration, such as a baptism, a company party, or a class party.  With a team that is spreading across Denmark, Ballonmand offers a treat for boys and girls, all of whom love balloons.  […]

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Monopoly Cash for Danish Kroner

January 27, 2009 denmark 0

A woman in Denmark played a risky game when she successfully convinced a bank to exchange bills worth two thousand “Kronor” in Swedish Monopoly money for a quantity of real Danish money. The Denmark currency is Kroner. […]