Organic Farming in Denmark

July 19, 2015 denmark 0

Denmark is evidently serious about making a success of its organic farming efforts. Aside from having the highest market share of organic products in the world, it is also one of the top ten countries in Europe having the biggest cultivated area for organic farming purposes. The organic area continues the grow in the same way that its market share in the total food market does. […]


Clean Green Denmark Attracts More Tourists

June 30, 2015 olaf 0

The title speaks for itself. When tourists are asked why they go to Denmark for, they would often talk about how amazingly clean and green the whole country of Denmark is. Although it is known to being one of the top shopping capitals of the world with all the designer label stores in Copenhagen, there is the other side of Denmark that tourists can’t help but notice. […]


Seed Production Industry of Denmark

November 27, 2014 olaf 0

Not many may be aware that Denmark is one of the leading producers of grass, clover, and horticultural seeds. At least 40% of EU’s total production of such seeds comes from Denmark. Also, 90% of the country’s production is exported to more than 100 countries. That is how big a player Denmark is in the global market when it comes to seed production. […]

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Allotment Gardening in Denmark

November 6, 2014 olaf 0

Allotment gardening or community gardening has long been very popular in Denmark. The first known allotment gardens in the country were the ones laid down along the Fredericia fortifications in 1778. The first private initiative for allotment gardening was seen in Aalborg and Copenhagen. […]


Why is Denmark the Most Climate-Friendly Country in the World

July 13, 2014 olaf 0

Denmark is considered the most climate-friendly country in the world. Be that as it may, it still ranks fourth in the world, meaning that no country is yet worthy to occupy the first three positions. This should give us an idea of how immense the needed effort is to achieve a truly climate-friendly environment. […]


Danish Wind Power: Showing a Glimpse of the Possibilities

May 31, 2014 olaf 0

There is not one place in the world where the positive possibilities of wind power is stronger than in Denmark. The country has been blessed with abundant wind supply which makes what it does quite natural. The Danish government is also highly supportive in the efforts to bring up to 50% the percentage of electricity coming from wind energy now placed at 30%. […]


Family Forestry in Denmark

April 24, 2014 olaf 0

Family forestry has long been an important undertaking in Nordic countries. This is especially so in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. In Denmark. most long-time family forest owners are farmers and have owned their properties for generations. In contrast, the new owners are usually people living in cities who look at their owned forests primarily for recreational purposes such as hunting. […]

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Copenhagen as European Green Capital of 2014

March 11, 2014 olaf 0

Denmark’s dedication to finding innovative and sustainable solutions for the many environmental challenges facing the world today is no secret. With Copenhagen’s recent awarding as the European Green Capital of 2014, the city joins other premium European cities adjudged as among those having the best environmental records. Previous winners include Stockholm, Sweden; Hamburg,Germany; Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain; and Nantes, France. As early as now, Bristol, United Kingdom has been declared the European Green Capital of 2015. […]


How Far Has Sustainability Efforts Gone in Denmark?

December 23, 2013 olaf 0

The Danish people are especially known for their commitment to green living. This does not come as a surprise at all considering the focused energy policy of the government. At present, Denmark is an acknowledged world leader in renewable energy technology. Copenhagen is especially known for being one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world. Aside from these widely known facts about the country’s green efforts, there are many other efforts of the same nature simultaneously happening all over the country. So we ask, how far has sustainability efforts gone in Denmark?  […]


BioM : An Eco-Restaurant Right Down to the Walls

December 6, 2013 olaf 0

We have heard of restaurants serving eco-friendly dishes and observing eco-friendly ways of preparing dishes. It is not common however to hear about restaurants that take the eco sense to its limits. The Restaurant BioM in Copenhagen is a very good example of an eating establishment that takes the task of taking better of the world quite seriously. […]

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