Smorrebrod: Denmark’s Sushi

March 9, 2016 Craig Hewitt 0

Nordic Cuisine can be a little challenging for outsiders. Ingredients like smoked salmon, pickled herring, and fish roe are not as common worldwide. Over the past few years, appreciation for the Danish culinary scene has […]


Copenhagen Food Fair

December 31, 2015 olaf 0

In this age, the best way to every person’s heart is through his or her stomach.  There are many people who enjoy trying out different kinds of delicacies from different countries. […]


Danish Dinner Etiquette

November 30, 2015 olaf 1

A Danish dinner is typically considered as a formal affair and your etiquette will affect their impression of you.  In most cultures, it is basically the same thing but there are some thinks one must know when they visit a Danish home. […]

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How Viennese Came to Be

October 10, 2015 olaf 0

There are several marvelous things that have resulted from different accidents or mistakes in the past and are widely appreciated in our world today.  One of these would be the Danish Pastry.  It is not only a morning staple in Denmark.  A party or a leisurely Sunday breakfast is not complete without it.  The Danes call it Viennese and according to some people, it is like a Danish flag that they fly every time to mark an occasion.  […]


Copenhagen Cooking Festival In August

July 31, 2015 olaf 0

Take a bite of Copenhagen’s most famous pastries and enjoy every minute spent in the city this August. As the annual Copenhagen Cooking Festival is celebrated, many food enthusiasts and food lovers alike will enjoy the splendid taste and textures of the pastries and other dishes of the Copenhagen and the Nordic Region. […]


Resurrecting Edible Flowers in Denmark

July 22, 2015 denmark 0

Flowers are usually not thought of as something to be eaten. They are more often seen as decorative items whether it is on homes or personal accessories. There was actually a time in Denmark when the consumption of edible flowers was believed to have been almost stopped during the 18th century. Judging however on the more aggressive use of such ingredients especially in popular fine dining establishments and tourist destinations, it is quite clear that consuming edible flowers will remain in Denmark. […]

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Denmark Food is To Die For!

June 30, 2015 olaf 0

Although Danish cuisine may not appeal of interest to a lot of people, it definitely is something very impressive. Known for veggies and fruits that are pickled, the Danes continue to serve the world with food that authentically represents their rich cultural heritage. Their local specialties are a must-try! […]

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