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Danish Queen of Fashion

May 3, 2014 olaf 0

At a young age, most people would be exhibiting clues of what they are to become in the future. It was no different with Malene Birger, the crowned Queen of Fashion in Copenhagen. Living in a tiny village during the 60s, she was dressing up and sewing up her own creations, even when it was considered unusual at the time. […]

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The Emperor’s Nightingale: A Secret Love Story

June 19, 2013 denmark 0

Many of us are familiar with Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale The Emperor’s Nightingale – Entranced by the song of a nightingale outside his window, the Emperor calls for his most-skilled craftsmen to forge him one of metal and gears, a nightingale of such fine artifice that could imitate the bird’s sweet songs. The emperor fell ill, and the only thing that could cure him was the song of the real nightingale that lived in his own perfumed gardens.

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Gerda Wegener: The Other Danish Girl

April 14, 2013 olaf 0

In one of our previous posts, we focused on Lili Elbe, one of Denmark’s most celebrated trans women, as well as the first one to undergo sex reassignment surgery. Let’s now focus on The first person who helped Einar Wegener discover Lili, and who put Lili on the path to growth: Gerda Gottlieb Wegener, wife, artist, companion. […]

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The Danish Girl: Lili Elbe

April 6, 2013 olaf 0

The Danish Girl, the world-renowned book by author David Ebershoff, is about to be made into a movie. It will star Nicole Kidman and Rachel Weiss as the two leads of this story. The book itself is gradually coming to the forefront of discussions in the LGBT community and academic circles. However, just what is the story behind this story?
This is the story of Lili Elbe, a lady from Denmark, the first person to undergo a sex reassignment surgery. She is also slowly becoming an icon for trans women, and the interest in her story has begun to grow. […]

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February 27, 2012 denmark 0

This is the website to connect residents of Frederick with potential volunteer work in their area.  The organization has recently received a grant to help them get Self Help Fredensborg off the ground.  This is a program that will offer self-help groups to the citizens of Frederick, including those working in or using the health care organizations and associations in the region.  […]

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What to See in Charming Skagen

August 8, 2011 Janne 0

There are lots of places to see and explore in Denmark all year round. Apart from the famous cities, there are hidden gems waiting for you not only in the major metropolitan areas but even in the faraway towns. One area you can visit when in Denmark is Skagen, pronounced as “skane.” This is situated in Jutland at the tip of Denmark, about 300 miles from the Danish capital of Copenhagen. […]

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Titanic Exhibition Visiting Denmark

February 20, 2011 Janne 0

Many people know the famous Titanic ship and what happened to it.  It’s also undeniable that numerous movie fans have seen the box office film with the same name that starred Hollywood actor Leonardo Di Caprio. […]

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The Best Christmas Stories by Hans Christian Andersen

November 22, 2010 Janne 0

Looking for some great Christmas stories to share with your little ones or to give as a gift? Look no further because you can find some of the best stories from the collection of famous Danish author Hans Christian Andersen right on our site. […]

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JK Rowling Accepts Danish Award

October 22, 2010 Janne 0

If there’s one female author who has captivated children and adults alike around the world with her books, it has to be JK Rowling. Famous for her Harry Potter series, this British author is indeed very talented and well recognized worldwide for her many achievements. Awards have also been pouring for Rowling which is not surprising at all. For this year 2010 alone, this Harry Potter author has already earned several awards including getting the top spot in the Most Influential Women list of Great Britain. […]

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Stop The Whale Massacre On The Faroe Islands

August 27, 2010 denmark 0

One of our most read stories ever on is “Denmark’s Whale Massacre – Myth or Truth?”, a story about the yearly whale slaughter taking place each August on the Faroe Islands. Not only advocates of environmental preservation and animal rights are enraged by this practice, but it appears our readers around the world condemn it.
And so do we. We believe it’s time to end this tradition once and for all and to save the whales.
We ask for your support. Put one of the banners below on your website or blog, and Like/Share this page.
Please submit your vote in support of this campaign below. We will present the votes and the campaign at the end of the year 2011 to the prime minister of the Faroe Islands.


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