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17 Georgeous Photos That Prove Denmark Is The Best Place To Live

September 19, 2016

Those who live in Denmark probably already know it’s the best place to live in the whole world. But if you’ve never been, these beautiful Denmark photos will probably make you want to pack your bags. 1. The Coast Denmark has hundreds of miles of beautiful coastline. In this picture, you can see the white […]


10 Wonderful Things To Do Alone In Denmark

September 12, 2016

Traveling does not necessarily have to be a group activity. In fact, you might enjoy it more if you do it alone. Denmark is a wonderful country to visit solo. Here are 10 fun things to do alone in Denmark:   1. Take a Bike Ride Denmark is one of the most bike-friendly countries in […]


10 Secret Places Denmark Locals Don’t Want Tourists To Know About

August 29, 2016

On your visit to Denmark, you don’t want to get caught up in the touristy areas; you want to mingle with the locals. This is a list of secret places Denmark locals don’t want tourists know about. If you find yourself in Copenhagen, you’ll definitely want to visit these destinations. 1. Ørsted Ølbar Copenhagen has […]


Less than Foreign: Finding a Place to Live as a Visitor to Denmark

May 10, 2016

Moving to a foreign country can be an overwhelming experience.  One of the biggest sources of frustration can be finding a place to live, especially if you don’t know much about your future home. Which area is right for your lifestyle? What areas are in or out of your budget? If you find yourself lucky […]


Five Star Hotels in Denmark

February 23, 2016

Denmark has a reputation for being socialist and simplistic. This is certainly a modern development, as Denmark also boasts Europe’s oldest (uninterrupted) royal lineage, and all the charm of the continent’s other capitals. So fear not luxury travelers, Copenhagen has world-class luxury hotels worthy of royalty. Copenhagen’s 5 –Star hotels mix aspects of both old-world […]


Denmark is Within Reach (and within budget)

January 15, 2016

It is no secret Denmark is expensive. Danish citizens face one of the highest tax burdens in the world, and as a result, receive some truly amazing social services. From the general cleanliness of the cities, to the relative lack of apparent desperation, it seems Denmark has this whole government thing figured out. Unfortunately as […]


Copenhagen Zoo: The First Stop When In Denmark

September 15, 2015

Polar bears, monkeys, elephants and hippos – these and more are what’s in store for you when you come to visit the famous Copenhagen Zoo. If you are in it for the wild ride and the experience worth keeping, then this zoo is definitely for you.


The Best Family Tourists Spots in Denmark

August 31, 2015

Planning to go on a short vacation to Denmark with the entire family? Do not worry about taking the kids with you and boring them the entire trip. Denmark is definitely ready for your kid. They’ve got theme parks and the best attractions only the kids and the kid at heart will love. Denmark is not considered as the most frequently visited country of families that go on a vacation for nothing. From outdoor adventure to interactive museum exhibits to the best theme parks that offer unadulterated fun, Denmark is indeed the place to be.


Denmark Open Gardens Will Make You Stay

August 26, 2015

Whether it is for the scenery or for the peace and quiet, there is definitely more than a handful of reasons why you love to take a stroll around the open gardens in Denmark. Apart from the amazing flowers and other plants that make the view worthwhile, these gardens seem to take people to a magical world where no stress exists. For a few moments in a day, while in any of the open gardens in the country, you get to experience how it is to become free from all of your worries.


Denmark’s Best: Free Things To See Only In Denmark!

August 26, 2015

If you’re looking for an adventure and just new places to see, you are lucky to be in Denmark! They’ve got a lot of the best places in the world and the best thing about these places is that you can see them all for free! In Copenhagen alone, you can walk your way through two of the major sites in the city – the Nyhavn and the Little Mermaid. Indeed, Copenhagen deserves the title of being the cheapest capital in the world, making it easy for tourists and locals alike to see the sites and enjoy its wonders.

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