Celebrate Halloween in Legoland

 Halloween is a yearly celebration in a number of countries all over the world on October 31.  It is on the eve of the Western Christian Feast of All Hallow’s Day.  Most children are looking forward to this occasion for this is the time when they can dress up as vampires, ghouls, or goblins and go trick or treating.  In most countries, children often gather together with their friends and knock on doors to get their treats.  Some adults on the other hand, hold Halloween costume parties, programs and events.  It is a holiday that many people enjoy.

In Denmark, you can celebrate Halloween in Legoland.  It is an amusement and theme park.   You have the chance to ride the attractions together with your kids, like the lego boat or train or some of the big rides.  The lego constructions are amazing. It is a great place to have fun with your entire family.  Your little ones can have eerily fun for the entire autumn week.  When ghosts, bats, spiders and lots of pumpkins turn the park into a creepy Halloween universe, it is a marvel to behold.  There are also several programs and events that you can enjoy when TV stars Monster and Joakim take center stage.   They perform from Monday to Friday.   

Age doesn’t matter so this visit is recommended for everyone.  The best option, however, is a two-day ticket and not on the weekend because of the crowd.  You and your family will surely be on the edge of your seats as you enjoy the hair-raising entertainment.  So, you can just take a deep breath and get ready for the chills and thrills for the whole family.  

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