According to Wikipedia, Christanshavn “is an artificial neighborhood in Copenhagen”. The creation of the island came out of Christian IV’sambition to fortify the city during the 17th century. He decided to have five bastions made in the marshy areas between Copenhagen and Amager. Land filling work and waterways were made to put in the soil where the city stands.

Initially, he built the area to protect the fleet of the Royal Danish Navy which was docked in Holmen. Its other purpose was to increase trading with merchants abroad and be able to levy additional tolls from their ships which go through the strait between Sealand and Amager. The area has evolved through the years and developed its own personality.

The lower side of Christianshavn, known as Christiansbro is the high end area of this small city. There are modern residential buildings, several headquarters and historical buildings and institutions. Four bridges connect Amager to Sealand. These are Knippelsbro, Langebro, Kalvebrobroerne and Oresundsbro.

Christanshavn was originally a merchant’s town which is quartered by canals. Years after it became a working class neighborhood until more artists and bohemians came in the 20th century. Nowadays, the brightly painted houses, canals and the feel of small town exclusivity make the quarters charming and popular among the country’s affluent. It is now one of the wealthiest places where celebrities, supermodels and politicians live.

This pleasant area also has great restaurants which serve Danish and international cuisines where you can enjoy your meals with a view of the canal. Wander around and see the sights. Check out the spiral tower of of Vor Frelsers Kirke (Church of Our Saviour), which was designed the famous architect Laurids de Thurah in 1750. The Danish Architecture Center on Strandgade is also worth a visit.


Photo Courtesy Of:  Klearchos Kapoutsis 


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