Christmas in Denmark

On Christmas in Denmark mischievous elves called Julenisse can have their fun. These elves are said to live in the lofts of old farmhouses and enjoy playing jokes. The Julenisse wear woolen clothes, red bonnets, red stockings and white clogs. Families leave them a bowl of rice pudding or porridge on Christmas Eve to keep their jokes within limits.

In Denmark, Christmas Eve (Juleaften) is a special time. Parents secretly decorate the Christmas tree with home made wood and straw baubles. A Danish Christmas Eve dinner begins with rice pudding (Grod) that holds a magic almond inside. Whoever finds the almond receives a prize. By tradition, the dinner is continued with goose, red cabbage and roasted potatoes. After that lots of pastries and cakes.

The Danish tradition is the Christmas plate. This was a tradition in the early days when rich Danes gave plates biscuits and fruit as presents to their servants. These plates were the nicest and best kind and were not used for everyday use, this is the reason why they became so collectable.

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