Classic Race Aarhus

Sports cars are often referred to as toys for the big boys.  So, if you are a car enthusiast, you will surely enjoy the Classic Race Aarhus.

This race takes place in the cultural-historical race track around the Marselisborg Memorial Park.  There are 300 racing cars from Denmark and other countries that come to join the race.

This is indeed an interesting race since you can see sports cars and racing cars from the 1930s to the present day compete in the race.   Spectators can see numerous pedigree race cars from the Danish Golden Age of motorsports as well as cars as diverse as the Le Mans and Ca Ams.  So, you see, the historical Formula One class is not the only one represented in this race to the finish line.  There will definitely be something for all tastes.

Apart from the race, there are also events that the whole family can enjoy.  Even kids can join the race to hone their skills in the children’s soapbox cart race.  What is more, the Memorial Park will have exhibitions, activities and entertainments for everyone.

People from all walks of life can see the grand “Goodlook Street”, which is the celebration of the look of the past.

The Classic Race Aarhus was awarded the Danish Motorsport event of the year because of the wide array of events in store for participants and spectators.  The best part of this is that all proceeds are donated for the benefit of road safety for children.  You get to enjoy the festivities as well as contribute to a good cause.  

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