Clean Green Denmark Attracts More Tourists

The title speaks for itself. When tourists are asked why they go to Denmark for, they would often talk about how amazingly clean and green the whole country of Denmark is. Although it is known to being one of the top shopping capitals of the world with all the designer label stores in Copenhagen, there is the other side of Denmark that tourists can’t help but notice.

Cycling is in! More than 50% of the total population of Denmark cycle themselves to school and to their offices. Because riding the bicycle in and out of the city of Copenhagen has become very comforting, more and more people living in Denmark are choosing to use their bikes over their cars. This only means one thing – more fresh air and less pollution.

Because there are less cars travelling in the streets of Denmark, there is little to no traffic jams in and around the country. People get less stressed out too because they can go in their office and back home without spending hours in a jampacked street stuck in traffic. Riding the bike to work or to the school meant using less gas thus making the consumption costs very low. The best part of it all is that you get to interact with more people while losing weight altogether. What could even beat that?


Denmark is known to be a world leader when it comes to urban development and aesthetic building designs. And yet it has remained to be a country for its people. The country continues to grow in business while it keeps it people and their community safe at all times. They have created a human scale that other countries in the world should follow. It is a kind of measurement of projects where the people’s welfare comes first.

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