Clowns Galore in Denmark

Clowns are entertaining figures that make kids and adults laugh and have fun. They’re colorful, funny and most of all, full of energy which is contagious to people of all ages. Whether in children’s parties or carnivals, these joyful figures are always a staple. 

In Denmark, clowns from around the world gather each year for the 12th International Clown Festival. This year, Svendborg has committed to support the event which runs until May 24. This is one amazing entertainment event that visitors in Denmark should not miss. It’s a chance of a lifetime to be able to experience this unique gathering of popular entertaining figures. For this weeklong festival, various activities will be taking place to include special shows, a parade and workshops.

Denmark boasts of a number of great clowns. These include Benny Schumann, grandchild of the late clown Charly Rivel, Martin Arli and Johnjohn Thurano. Born in 1945, Schumman was originally trained by his parents to be a horse trainer, rider and eventually as a multi-talented artist in the Schumann Circus in the Danish capital of Copenhagen. It was in 1980 when he and his wife began performing in a clown show and four years later, Schuman had his first one-man show called “The Clown,” during which he performed various tricks.

Martin Arli, meanwhile, is from the Danish Circus Ali. Martin followed the footsteps of his parents as he has been working for the circus since he was a kid. It was in 1965 when he felt the urge to become a clown after watching the late Charlie Rivel painting his face for a performance with Circus Moreno. Martin eventually established Circus Ali which has been touring around Denmark since 1973. His wife Bettina and son Alexander also perform during the show.

So be sure to be at Svendborg for this exciting clown festival. Svendborg is the second largest city on Funen Island in the central part of Denmark.

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