Composition of Danish Demographics

It is always interesting to know the demographic composition of any country a traveler wants to visit. This information can give an idea of what to expect about the people that are bound to be encountered in any trip. Although such information is not an absolute indication of anything about behavior, attitude, or beliefs, it can serve as a guide with regards to respecting existing practices and cultural observances.

Denmark’s present population is still largely of Danish descent comprising about 89%. This would refer to residents who have at least one Danish parent or of Danish citizenship. The remaining are mostly immigrants from neighboring Nordic countries like Norway and Iceland as well as other countries like Germany, UK, and Poland. 

There are several ethnic minority groups that have been identified to have established residence as well in Denmark. These include the Inuit, Turks, Arabs, Vietnamese, Jews, Chinese, Pakistanis, and Iranians, among others. They are all pretty much allowed to live their lives in Denmark without interference from the government with regards to specific cultural practices. Denmark has been known for the longest time to be very tolerant of differences in culture.

There are also several ethnic minority groups in Denmark having some form of historical significance. The so-called domestic Germans living in Denmark hold Danish citizenship but still identify themselves based on their original citizenship as Germans. The Faroese and Greenlandic people of the Danish Realm hold Danish citizenships unless they have inherited foreign citizenship. The Romanis living in Denmark , also known as the Gypsies, also have historical ties with the country.

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