Copenhagen Admired by International Political Figures

Copenhagen is a beautiful city and it is no wonder why it has gained international attention for a long time now. It has earned various distinctions and recently, it has added another feather on his cap.

A recent survey that had political leaders and government officials as subjects revealed that they ranked Copenhagen as the second most admired city in the world. The subjects represented 37 countries. Ernst & Young, a consultancy company, conducted the survey.

One of the major reasons why the Danish capital city is a hit worldwide even among political and government figures is its commitment to reducing carbon or CO2 emissions. The city’s green efforts have been highlighted in recent years with the other countries following their good example.

For instance, Copenhagen has electric buses and cars that help in the reduction of carbon emissions. It also has a green hotel that utilizes an environment-friendly sewage and electrical system. In fact, guests there who like to work out at the gym can enjoy free meals when they reach a certain amount of wattage by using the stationery bicycle. 

The city’s bicycle lifestyle should not be ignored as well. This has contributed greatly to reducing carbon emissions and helping people maintain a healthy lifestyle when they use their bicycles. Many countries today also want to achieve this goal as part of their contribution to the worldwide green movement of lowering carbon emissions.

In addition, an official of Ernst & Young’s Danish department strongly believes that the sustainable city development image of Copenhagen has been very helpful in attracting the younger generations to work in the Danish capital. Being a financial center with strong business and economic climate, this city continues to attract not only international students but even professionals who wish to live  and work in Denmark.

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