Copenhagen Airport Bags Top Spot

Airports need to provide excellent service to passengers whether for a stopover in the area or starting and ending a trip. These terminals should make traveling by plane easy, comfortable and convenient for people, young and old alike, regardless of their destination.

 When you’re in the capital of Denmark, however, you need not worry about airport service as the Copenhagen Airport does an excellent job that has been well noted. For one thing, it values time. In fact, the Copenhagen Airport has been named as the most punctual international airport in Europe based on a survey conducted by Boasting of a punctuality rate of 81.1 percent, the flight terminal not only topped the Europe list but made it to the world’s top five as well. On the average, an airport normally shows a 71.7 percent punctuality performance rate.

In addition, SAS which is the biggest airline operating at the Copenhagen Airport was voted early this year as the most punctual among European and international airlines.

 On the other hand, the airline passengers themselves have voted positively for the Copenhagen airport making it the best airport in Northern Europe. The yearly SkyTrax survey showed that 11 million passengers agreed this is so. The award for this achievement was presented recently at the Passenger Terminal Expo.

Officials of the Copenhagen Airport have expressed their appreciation for these latest recognitions saying that they continue to be committed to giving passengers the most value. The process of listening to customers and learning from them never stops, they added.

Last year, the organization managing the Copenhagen Airport took a step to provide more diversity in the shops inside the terminal and introduced digital options to passengers. In recent months, the airport also tested a new Wi-Fi technology aimed at further improving capacity at the terminal. The technology will be used to determine the positions of passengers while on their way through the airport via their mobile phones. Officials, however, clarified the names of mobile phone owners will not be known or stored in any way for their security.

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