Copenhagen Airport Enjoying Steady Growth

Progress is unceasing in Denmark as this Nordic country continues to accommodate visitors, new businesses and development projects. One of the major infrastructures enjoying steady progress is the Copenhagen International Airport.

The growth of the Copenhagen Airport can be attributed to several factors such as an increase in the number of travelers going to Denmark and the addition of new routes going to and coming from the Danish capital. For the first two months of this year, the Copenhagen airport already achieved an 8 percent growth.

Just this February 2010 alone, records show that more than 1.4 million passengers used the Copenhagen Airport either as an entry, exit or transit point. This figure is higher by 10.4 percent when compared to the same month in 2009. Passengers passing through this airport are varied with 42 percent comprised by businessmen.

New routes are also continuously being added making the airport a very busy terminal for people traveling by plane. Last week, two new flights to Copenhagen were added by SAS and Germanwings. SAS has reopened its flights from Copenhagen to and from Shanghai while Germanwings will introduce a new route from Copenhagen to and from Cologne in Germany starting on March 28. Germanwings is a low cost airline and beginning this month, it will have flights to and from Copenhagen six times every week.

The airport’s progress is expected to go full blast when the CPH Swift starts its operations. This is the new passenger terminal which will accommodate some 6 million people each year. Constructed through an investment of 200 million kroner ($37 million), it is aimed at improving airline operations and providing travelers with cheaper flights to numerous destinations. But although a new terminal, the CPH Swift is considered to be a vital component of the existing terminal with direct access to the six gates. CPH Swift will be opened later in 2010.

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