Copenhagen Airport Tops Self Check-In Service

The Copenhagen Airport is incomparable to other airports in the Nordic region. This is not in terms of technology, though, but we’re talking about its self check-in service for passengers.

Today, 28 airlines are connected to CPH airport’s self check-in service and the figure is twice as much as those in other airports in the Nordic area, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Self check-in means airline passengers are given the ability to check-in on their own, choose their seat and print their boarding pass even while still in their home. This can be done through the internet, of course.

Besides doing it online, the self service check-in can also be done at the airport kiosks. The CPH airport’s head of passenger services said the initiative aims to cut in half the time it takes passengers to check in at the counter. In this way, the airport, the airlines and the passengers as well all benefit from the new procedure. With the new system, about 58 percent of all passengers now check-in through the CUSS machines, their mobile phones and on the internet.

Other than the self check-in service, the airport in the city is improving other procedures such as the arrival flows and processing time. The real time queuing times for security checkpoint is also now being posted on the Copenhagen airport’s website and on signposts in the departure halls. This is to inform passengers ahead of time of what they can expect during their trip and help them manage their time better. Last year in 2008, the queuing time for security clearance was reduced to only three and a half minutes. During the summer season alone last year, the waiting times were less than three minutes for majority of the passengers. The CPH airport accommodated a record number of passengers during that specific summer period.

Now these efforts are truly praiseworthy.

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