Copenhagen Cooking Festival

The capital city of Denmark is a gourmet and gourmand’s paradise, more so when the Copenhagen Cooking Festival rolls around every August. For ten days every year, the city plays host to thousands of chefs, restaurateurs, producers and traders in food and beverages along with foodies as they come together to celebrate the best of Nordic culinary traditions and developments.

The food festival was started in 2005 as part of the tourism campaign Wonderful Copenhagen in cooperation with some of the city’s gastronomic leaders and with the support of the European Regional Development Fund. What’s good about the event is the wealth of concerted activities from restaurants all over Denmark as they showcase their best products and offerings. There are special menu offerings in line with the chosen theme for the year and even special (affordable) prices for gourmet food items offered to students. Moreover, the streets of Copenhagen also come alive with local food fairs held in the squares or the markets.

There are also different events catering to different ages and interests, seminars, workshops and food and wine tours. Make no mistake though, while the focus is on Nordic cuisine and Danish culinary traditions, participants and visitors also get the chance to sample food from all over the world in events like “Taste the World” a large street kitchen. A much-anticipated event in the festival is the “Eat12” where the top producers in gourmet cuisine participate in a luxury food and lifestyle exhibition.

This is usually held at the Oksnehallen Exhibition Center. Of course, Michelin-rated restaurants such as Noma will be in the forefront of showcasing the New Nordic cuisine which has been getting international recognition.


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