Copenhagen Holds Architecture Festival

Visiting Denmark this week? Lucky for you because you have the opportunity to explore the capital of Copenhagen as it celebrates the Architecture Festival. The event is popularly known as the Copenhagen Architecture and Design Days or Cph ADD for short.

Organized by Wonderful Copenhagen, this festival brings together not just architects and organizations but museums and drawing offices as well. Architecture design is being highlighted here ranging from the traditional to the experimental and even to the future styles. Denmark’s capital boasts of unique architecture, both classic and modern, that can truly match international standards. In fact, this is already the fourth time that the city’s architecture designs are on spotlight.

Organizers of this festival guarantee that local residents and tourists who can visit the venue will have a rare experience. They are bent on raising awareness among people that architectural development in Copenhagen is in full swing. The end goal is to hopefully make the capital of Denmark an architecture destination.

Some of the activities that started early this week included an exhibition of Danish design, architecture and craft called “It’s a Small World,” lecture on the Quality of Life in Urban Spaces, treasure hunt at Mountain Dwellings and a tour of Carlsberg to show how beer is made. Mountain Dwellings situated in Orestad is renowned for its extraordinary design featuring a terraced housing. A competition for young architects vying to win the Icopal Prize also culminated today. The projects are being displayed in Oksnehallen.

Ongoing until Sunday is an Architecture To Go in front of the Danish Architecture Center. The open space features seven major and small design offices to provide visitors, students and the offices an opportunity to gather and share ideas and visions. An open communal and breakfast and barbecue also happens every day after dark for socialization purposes. Admission to most events is free of charge.

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