Copenhagen Metro is Now World’s Best

Move over London, Madrid and Sao Paulo because Copenhagen’s Metro is now the best in the world. The Danish capital’s transit system was voted as such at the International Metro Conference called Metro Rail that took place recently in London.

Copenhagen earned a nomination in three categories. These are in the world’s best subway, Europe’s best subway and the best driverless metro categories.

Among the factors considered by the judges were the high passenger satisfaction, high operating stability and innovative technology. In addition, the jury also took into account the efforts of the Danish government to extend the subway lines with City Circle.

The Copenhagen Metro is a fast transit system that covers a distance of 20.5 kilometers serving the areas of the Danish capital as well as Frederiksberg and Tarnby in Denmark. The system has two lines with 34 driverless electric trains.  Nine of its stations go through a tunnel about 20 to 30 kilometers below ground level. Each train can seat 96 people and accommodate some 204 more standing passengers.

There are 22 stations in all on the network managed entirely by a computer system. All trains are controlled by the ATO or the autopilot. The Metro already recorded a total of 50 million passengers served as of 2009. Currently, the City Circle Line consisting of two more lines is in the works and is set to operate by 2018.

This transit system was an outcome of the development of Copenhagen’s Orestad area. The proposal was approved in 1992 after the Parliament of Denmark passed the Orestad Act.

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