Copenhagen Nominated as 2011 Destination of the Year

What makes a city a tourist attraction? There are many factors to consider such as interesting spots to visit both new and historical, culture, economic condition and entertainment. Copenhagen has definitely these factors to offer the reason why it remains one of the top destinations around the world.

Another feather that has been added to its cap is that the Danish capital was recently voted as Destination of the Year for 2011 way ahead of Barcelona, Rome and Madrid. The recognition was given by the European Consumers Choice believing that the city is one of the most interesting places in Europe. According to the European Consumers Choice CEO Maximilien Lejeune, Copenhagen’s vibrant condition is one of the reasons why it has been nominated for the Destination of the Year award.

Economically, the Danish capital has seen the construction of several new hotels and other important structures such as the new congress center and a new low-cost terminal in the airport. In addition, the terminals in the metro and the harbor will also be expanded. In terms of events, Copenhagen has hosted several major international gatherings which have attracted the attention of the international media as well.

Every year, the European Consumers Choice Awards are presented with several categories. The consumers are then encouraged to vote on their favorite companies and cities. For the year 2010, Copenhagen received 25 percent of the votes while Barcelona only had four percent. An important thing to note here as well is that Copenhagen was only city in the Scandinavian region to get a nomination and maintained its lead during the entire month of voting. 

The winners in the European Consumers Choice awards will be presented early this year. The Danish capital’s nomination will be presented to Wonderful Copenhagen. And for garnering this nomination, Copenhagen will have a special page on the website of the European Consumers Choice which accommodates more than 50,000 visitors every month.

European Consumers Choice is a group that aims to search for the best companies in Europe based on design and innovation. In 2009, it added the Destination of the Year as an independent category.

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