Copenhagen Power Plant to Become a Ski Site

Denmark never runs out of unique innovations that always amaze people. Just take the case of power plants. Denmark already has several of these particularly the waster-to-energy power stations but wait till you hear this.

In the capital city of Copenhagen, a different kind of power plant is in the works.  This one is guaranteed to be an attraction because of its unique functions. Firstly, this new power plant can blow smoke rings and at the same time, it features ski slopes where people can enjoy their favorite winter activity.

The new facility has been picked as the top winner of a recent competition. The competition was meant to encourage participants to design a new kind of waste-to-energy plant for the Danish capital of Copenhagen that could replace the existing one and could be completed by the year 2016.

This is good news for Copenhagen residents who love to ski. When this new facility is finally built, they will no longer have to head to the mountains in the Scandinavian region because they can just do their downhill skiing right in the city at this new power station.

The power plant will replace Amagerforbraending’s current industrial plant that has been in existence for 40 years now. In order to turn the old one into a useful and attractive recreational facility, the company held a competition and picked the unique design by BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group). This winning group believes in the concept of Hedonistic sustainability and improving the quality of life through the creation of a sustainable city.

To create this new power plant’s ski slope, BIG will make use of a recycled synthetic granular material. The terrain will have different levels of slopes to accommodate all types of skiers while a glass elevator will be in place to take skiers up to the top.

Another unique feature of this plant is the smoke rings it will emit. A smoke ring measuring 30 meters will be released into the air once the fossil carbon dioxide reaches one ton inside the smokestack. At night, this will be a wonderful sight as each smoke that goes out will be illuminated.

But that’s not all there is to it. In the surrounding area, a terrain park will also be put up. Here, people will be able to do a lot of activities from rock climbing to kart racing to sailing. The area will resemble a mountain to create a relaxing atmosphere.

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