Copenhagen School Attracts Record Enrollees

Denmark is known for its high quality education. This fact has reverberated around the world and has attracted a high number of foreigners to study in the country. Specifically,  Copenhagen is famous for being home to educational institutions. The city is renowned for its unique theoretical approach that schools adopting this system are referred to as the Copenhagen School.

The latest development in Denmark is that the Copenhagen Business School (CBS) has gotten a good number of applications from young foreigners wishing to pursue their master’s degree in the Danish capital city. The applications that are of top priority total 1,862 considered a new record for the business school.

The Copenhagen Business School feels very privileged about this development. According to the schools’ official website, most of the interested applicants are from Germany, Sweden, Norway and Italy. The entire number of applications, however, came from 89 different countries.

As of March 15, 2009, CBS has received a total of 2,357 applications from both Danish and foreign students. The record for this year is an increase of over 100 percent from the school’s 2008 figures.

Most of the students from Europe interested to pursue post graduate studies at the business school choose the Master’s in Economics and Business Administration degree program. CBS study director Annette Juhl Hansen also revealed that other students have expressed interest in pursuing master’s degree in Advanced Economics and Finance.

The Copenhagen Business Schools is one of the three major business schools in the northern part of Europe. Established in 1917 by the Danish Society for the Advancement of Business Education, this private school accommodates some 16,000 students and researchers. Each year, thousands of exchange students enroll in the institution. The school puts emphasis on the development of contemporary research and business skills. It offers bachelor programs, master’s programs, MBA and executive programs and research programs (PhD and Doctor of Business Administration).

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