Copenhagen Zoo Summer 2013 Activities

The Copenhagen Zoo is undoubtedly one of the most popular attractions in Copenhagen, being one of the oldest zoos in Europe. Today, its most popular sections are the newly built Norman Foster Elephant House and the Arctic Ring exhibits.

While the zoo is open all day every day of the year, it would be a good idea to note the special summer activities lined up at Copenhagen Zoo so that you can schedule your visit to make the most of it

The good news for those planning on visiting the zoo this summer is that it is open till 8pm every day. If you want to see special activities though like chimpanzee feeding, having the elephants come in the house (they are usually just glimpsed from afar in their outdoor enclosure), and bird feeing in the South America Aviary, then Friday would be the best day to visit. Special reptile viewings are done every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but then again, why settle for just one special activity in a day when you can see so much more during Fridays? Of course, there are lots of regular activities lined up every day for visitors.

The Children’s Zoo is open to kids for meet and greets with mice and rodents, pigs, and milking cows everyday. There are also presentations on reptiles and snakes every day as well.

For those who opt to buy season tickets, special exhibits and lectures are also lined up for the summer, with upcoming events like the “Zoo Behind the Façade” evening tour on August 18th and so many other exclusive activities for September.

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