Copenhagen’s Tallest Buildings


Copenhagen being an international city boasts of skyscrapers with modern architectural designs. Not many, however, are aware of the tallest in the Danish capital so read on to find out. 

The Radisson Blu Royal Hotel was Copenhagen’s first skyscraper. Built in 1960, it is the tallest hotel in the downtown area and the tallest building in Denmark until 1969. Designed for the airline company Scandinavian Airline System (SAS), the hotel became the 7th highest tower in the entire Denmark in the year 2009. It was named Radisson SAS Hotel in 1994 when SAS bought a share in the Radisson Hotels foreign division. 

The Carlsberg international headquarters is also among the tallest structures in the Danish capital. This is a landmark in Denmark that houses the brewery as well as a museum and conservatory.

The Kongens Bryghus building used to be a small brewery. Built in 1957, it was used as a malt silo until its merger with Carlsberg in 1970. It was later converted by Carlsberg into an apartment-building from 1995-1997.  

The Scandic Copenhagen City Hotel is included in the Danish capital’s list of tall buildings. It’s located in the city center and accessible to public transportation. Currently, it is undergoing renovation works which is expected to be completed by May 2012. 

Finally, the Copenhagen City Hall on the City Hall Square is a tall building not to be missed. Inaugurated in 1905, the architect behind this structure got his inspiration from the city hall of Sienna, Italy. It features the statue of Absalon above the balcony and a tall clock tower. 

Skyscrapers are indeed an attraction wherever you go and when in the Danish capital, you can check out those mentioned during your tour. They’re just some of the interesting places you need to see to enjoy an enriching experience in Copenhagen whether on a business or leisure trip.   


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